British are third biggest viewers of online child abuse

Vile paedophiles in Britain have been identified as the third biggest users of online child sex abuse in the world, behind only the US and Canada, says the National Crime Agency.
Children are being abused to order by gangs, with those wanting to watch the sickening abuse able to personalise it by choosing the ethnicity or what clothes the child wears.
Most of the children being abused are from poor families in countries the Far East, such as the Philippines. But, in Britain alone 4,800, people a year are arrested – and more than 500 children a month have been rescued from abuse in operations led by the NCA and other enforcement agencies. However the majority of incident images are uploaded onto web platforms in the US.
The technology to prevent indecent images being published on websites is available for all companies, from a small start up to international conglomerates, but is not being used.
“There is a very real concern. Over the last ten years people have gone through a process of potentially desensitisation, almost a radicalisation process and start viewing images and seek more and more severe images and gravitate to forums on the dark web where they are directly incited to create a first generation image and you will have to conduct contact abuse to get that image.”
“Some of those families in the Philippines have terrible choices to make and some are supporting their families by offering up their children for abuse.”

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