Byron marriage celebrant Adam Magnus’ secret life as a paedophile

A Byron Bay wedding celebrant who attempted to groom a mother online and had plans to abuse her 11-year-old daughter has been sentenced to more than two years in prison.

Adam David Andrew Magnus believed he had been messaging a 38-year-old woman about her daughter. He was making plans to abuse the child with the mother’s help. However, as Magnus bragged of his secret life and that his wife had “no idea” he was a paedophile, he was unaware the person writing back was an undercover child abuse detective.

Court documents, obtained by the Herald, also reveal that the 53-year-old’s technique of grooming families to get close to children is a common one employed by abusers.

Magnus portrayed himself online as a devoted family man, beekeeper and wedding celebrant who had helped celebrities and the wealthy tie the knot in the Byron hinterland.

He sent a photograph showing him reclining on a lounge with a glass of wine. It was the same image he used to promote his celebrant business. Magnus said in the messages he was attracted to “young” girls.

“How young?” the undercover child abuse detective replied. “From 10 up,” Magnus said.

Police were watching as Magnus, on March 14, arrived in Ballina, where he had organised a meeting with the mother and daughter.

Detectives moved in and arrested him – inside Magnus’ ute was a bag stuffed with sex toys, rope and a camera, a police fact sheet notes.

Having pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to procure a child under 16 for sexual activity and using a carriage service to groom a child under 16, Magnus was sentenced by Judge Jonathan Priestley earlier this month.

Judge Priestly sentenced Magnus to 27 months in prison, with 14 months non-parole, meaning he will be eligible for release in May 2024 under strict conditions.

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Source: Byron marriage celebrant Adam Magnus’ secret life as a paedophile

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