Cartoonist Stella Perrett’s Right of Reply

Open Right of Reply to the readers of the Morning Star, from political
cartoonist Stella Perrett, and to the people who unthinkingly trashed
her as ‘transphobic’ on twitter

My cartoon was a literal comment on the very real, physical, fear women and girls feel at the prospect of entire men being allowed into ‘Women-only’ spaces, which in the UK, have been protected since the Equality Act 2010.

A fear which has been borne out by the ever increasing list of male criminals ‘self-identifying’ as women, committing crimes against women, which are then reported in court transcripts and the media, as BY women.(Have a look at the youtube film “These are not our crimes”). There are ever increasing number of men, self-identifying as women, who are being allowed into women’s hostels, rape crisis centres, prisons, hospital wards, both as inmates and staff, as well as public places like changing rooms.

My cartoon “Endgame” (pictured below) was the first cartoon I had ever sent them on the subject of the GRA in my 5 years as their regular cartoonist. At various points in those 5 years, they had called me their ‘Star’ cartoonist, ‘one of the country’s best political cartoonists,’and ‘one of this country’s most incisive political cartoonists’.

Source: Cartoonist Stella Perrett’s Right of Reply to Morning Star Readers | Women’s Liberation Radio News

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