The Vagina Bible adverts blocked by social media

Social media ads for a doctor’s book were denied for ‘promoting adult sexual products’.

Vagina is an anatomical term and not a “dirty” word” wrote Dr Jennifer Gunter in a tweet shared thousands of times, and many social media users criticised the platforms’ decisions.

The UK-based Vagina Museum also revealed that just one of seven submitted Facebook posts advertising its organisation has been approved.

Source: The Vagina Bible adverts blocked by social media – BBC News

Trans birth certificate campaign turns to other states after Victoria passes reform

Campaigners are setting their sights on New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland after Victoria passed a new law to allow trans and gender-diverse people to change their recorded sex on their birth certificates on Tuesday, following a heated debate.

Despite some reservations from independent members of parliament, the Victorian legislative council overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill, 26 to 14 on Tuesday night.


Source: Trans birth certificate campaign turns to other states after Victoria passes reform | Australia news | The Guardian

A new survey shows what really interests ‘pro-lifers’: controlling women

According to their own survey responses, anti-abortion voters are hostile to gender equality in practically every aspect.

The Catholic church, an unabashedly misogynist institution that to this day refuses to allow women into positions of power, had long opposed abortion (but not for all that long – until about 150 years ago, the Catholic view was that abortion was permissible through the first few months of pregnancy).

The birth control pill brought with it an avalanche of opportunities and freedoms, and women, finally fully able to have sex for fun and prevent pregnancy, took full advantage. The ability to delay a pregnancy – and later, the ability to legally end one – meant that women didn’t have to choose between romance and ambition (and it meant women could be choosier about romance, making a more considered decision about who and whether to marry).

This undermined the whole rightwing Christian project, which was, and remains, thoroughly invested in a nuclear family with a father at the head. And indeed, rightwing arguments against abortion used to invoke conservative gender tropes much more often – that abortion undermined the traditional family, for example.

Source: A new survey shows what really interests ‘pro-lifers’: controlling women | Jill Filipovic | Opinion | The Guardian

The mad witches orchestrating the Alan Jones boycott

Since last week 22 companies have pulled their advertising from The Alan Jones Breakfast Show on 2GB and there are 55,000 mad witches to thank for it.

Encouraging major brands to pull their marketing spend from a major media platform like Jones’ radio program is no small feat and there are 55,000 witches around Australia to thank for it.

In January of 2016 Jennie Hill set up Facebook page called Mad Fucking Witches to highlight the appalling sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism she was seeing in Australia.

The page’s name was inspired by the famous text message federal MP Peter Dutton accidentally sent to political editor Samantha Maiden in which he described her as a ‘mad fucking witch’.

Within a few days 20,000 ‘witches’ had signed up. The group, which continually highlights government and societal misogyny: from the lack of women in government positions, to asylum seeker issues, Indigenous issues, cuts to women’s family violence services and cuts to women’s medical services, now has 55,000 followers. A number of volunteers work alongside Hill to manage the page.

Source: The mad witches orchestrating the Alan Jones boycott

Why woke men fear real feminism

Why is anti-feminism always assumed to be a domain of the Right? Clearly, the far-Right hates feminism, because its members hate women and consider us inferior and good for nothing but breeding, cleaning and sex, but most young people in the UK today are on the Left. How then, is the current wave of mainstream misogyny being fed by the alt-Right?

I would wager that a hatred of feminists in the current climate is being fuelled by leftist men who claim to be “on the right side of history” but are, in fact, misogynists dressed up as progressives.

There is a war against feminists in the UK, and the so-called progressives are the ones throwing the grenades.

I have been told by women from a range of backgrounds and circumstances that they feel under pressure to sign up to fun feminism, support “sex work”, stripping, porn, and to chant the mantra, “trans women are women!” They are being groomed into hating actual feminism, and adopting a faux-version that does not challenge men at all.

Male Left-wing misogynists who hate feminism are too cowardly and inadequate to be open about it, and would rather rebrand feminism to suit them.

Men on the Right are not, in my view, ever going to be feminist allies, but nothing is as pernicious as a sheep in woke clothing.

Source: Why woke men fear real feminism – UnHerd

Lesbian Feminist Julia Beck Warns Against the Equality Act and Enshrining Transgender Identity in Law: It Removes Women and Girls as a Legal Category

On Tuesday, lesbian feminist Julia Beck, who was kicked off of the Baltimore LGBT Commission because she opposes transgender identity, testified against the federal Equality Act. Her testimony caused quite a stir, with many Democrats expressly asking other witnesses to delegitimize it.

“If the act passes in its current form as H.R. 5, then every right that women have fought for will cease to exist,” Beck warned. “H.R. 5 is a human rights violation. Every single person in this country will lose their right to single-sex sports, shelters, grants, and loans. The law will forbid ever distinguishing between women and men.”

Indeed, biological sex traces back to the cellular level. In each human being’s DNA there are either two X chromosomes or one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. In the vast majority of cases, XX humans develop as female and XY humans develop as male. In a few tragic instances, genitals fail to develop or other abnormalities take place, creating intersex people. This is far different from transgender people, who are healthy males who identify as women or healthy females who identify as men.

Transgender identity is impossible to prove, but doctors can diagnose gender dysphoria (the persistent identifying with the gender opposite one’s biological sex). People suffering from this condition should be treated with respect, but Americans should be able to disagree on whether or not transgender identity is the solution to this condition.

Source: Lesbian Feminist Julia Beck Warns Against the Equality Act and Enshrining Transgender Identity in Law: It Removes Women and Girls as a Legal Category


Circle K stores ditch ‘Secretary Day’ condom offer

The ad showed three offers, two of them were for a bottle of wine and a chocolate bar. But the third added a pack of condoms to the “combo” worth 199 Mexican pesos ($10; £8).

The text above it reads: “Happy day to all the secretaries. Celebrate with them the proper way with this executive combo.”

The word used for secretary in the ad is “secretaria”, which is female in Spanish and therefore would only be taken to apply to women. Further down, the word “executive combo” is followed by the suggestive phrase in English in brackets: “If you know what I mean”.

In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned sexist ads.

Source: Circle K stores ditch ‘Secretary Day’ condom offer – BBC News

The Rainbow Reich: Transgender Ideology and Totalitarianism.

Part I: Context.

One thing that is common to men of all political leanings is their desire and perceived need to control women. This hatred and domination of women bonds the societies of men.. . .

In the U.K. all women short lists which were designed to improve female representation in Parliament were removed by the Labour Party last year, in the name of gender essentialism. At least 300 women self-excluded from the party and party politics on this issue. A teenage male was elected Labour women’s officer after bullying out the longstanding female officer. . . .

The Greens now refer to women as ‘non-men’ and have been accused of creating a climate conducive to child sexual abuse due to their hard-line pro-trans policies.

Could British women and those who care about them turn to another party? No, the Conservatives began a process which would allow any male to declare themselves a female based on their feelings and self-id into formerly single sex spaces and positions. The result will be women’s self-exclusion from public life and a Parliament run by mostly men and males who self-id as women. Indeed, the Women’s Equality Party are seemingly overjoyed at this prospect of not a single female in Parliament.

Certainly, transgenderism is the topic one cannot speak about. In the private sector holding such beliefs as biology is real and women are discriminated against based on their sex can lead to one losing their job.

Transgenderism is the new way for the Left to expel women from politics and their ranks.

This is what feminists call patriarchy.

This ideology is shoring up men’s power by attacking women’s rights. It is far from progressive.

Source: The Rainbow Reich: Transgender Ideology and Totalitarianism.

Wollstonecraft’s Dilemma: Identity Politics and Feminism

Although the ideology of identity politics remains hegemonic in the academy and in many social institutions, a growing—and arguably necessary—body of critique has been emerging. These critiques have emanated both from the arbiters of the so-called silent majority and from those on the Left who are concerned by the displacement of class by identity and by the unremitting politics of grievance. . . .

When an icon of second-wave feminism like Germaine Greer is deplatformed because she doesn’t hold the correct opinion on something, we know that free thought and free speech are in serious danger.

Source: Wollstonecraft’s Dilemma: Identity Politics and Feminism – Areo