Women’s prisons could be shut and converted to house male inmates to ease overcrowding – Mirror Online |UK

Women’s prisons could be closed and converted to accommodate male inmates under longer term plans to tackle the overcrowding crisis.

Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood is expected to announce emergency measures within days as the country runs out of available cells in male jails. Tens of thousands of prisoners could be released early to create capacity after the Tories failed to build adequate places.

Under one proposal put forward to the government, enough female prisoners could be let out early to free up an entire prison, which could then be turned into one for men. The Mirror understands the idea is not part of the immediate plans to be announced this week, but may be considered as a solution in the medium term.
Women make up a much smaller proportion of the prison population, with 3,657 in jail compared to 83,796 men. There are 12 women’s prisons out of 117 in total in England and Wales. More than half (58%) of prison sentences given to women in 2022 were for less than six months. Short sentences can derail people’s lives, with jobs and houses lost and mums separated from their kids. They are also seen as largely ineffective with reoffending rates high.

Source: Women’s prisons could be shut and converted to house male inmates to ease overcrowding – Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: German Trans-Identified Male Sues McDonald’s After Being Denied Access to Women’s Changing Room

A trans-identified male and former drag queen residing in Berlin is currently involved in litigation against McDonald’s after alleging he was denied access to the changing room intended for female employees. Kylie Divon, 27, also known as Keil Li, is seeking financial compensation for “discrimination” after a Muslim woman and colleague told him to leave the women’s changing room, citing his male genitalia as a cause for her concern.

Source: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: German Trans-Identified Male Sues McDonald’s After Being Denied Access to Women’s Changing Room

Alice Munro’s daughter reveals abuse by her stepfather.

In 1976, nine-year-old Andrea Skinner, spent the summer at the home of her mother—Nobel Prize-winning author Alice Munro—in Ontario.

According to the now 58-year-old, as she slept in her bed one night while her mother was away, her stepfather, Gerald Fremlin, climbed into the bed alongside her, and sexually assaulted her.

Munro died from Alzheimer’s Disease in May this year, aged 92. Two months after her death, Skinner wrote about the rape in an essay written for the Toronto Star.

In the essay, Skinner claims she eventually told her mother about the abuse, but the award-winning author chose to remain married to her daughter’s abuser, even after he admitted it was true.

Skinner was 25 when she wrote to Munro in 1996 to disclose the abuse.

But Skinner described her mother’s response as “incredulous” and “as if she had learned of an infidelity”.

“She said that she had been ‘told too late,’ she loved him too much, and that our misogynistic culture was to blame if I expected her to deny her own needs, sacrifice for her children, and make up for the failings of men,” Skinner wrote.

“She was adamant that whatever had happened was between me and my stepfather. It had nothing to do with her.”

While Fremlin admitted to the assault, he described it as a “sexual adventure”, calling the then-nine-year-old little girl a “home-wrecker”.

Despite her mother’s response, Skinner maintained a relationship with her mother until she had children of her own, and told Munro that Fremlin could never be around the children. The pair fell out and never reconciled.

In 2005, Fremlin received two years’ probation after pleading guilty in Canadian court to assaulting Skinner.

Although Skinner wrote in the essay that she was satisfied with the legal outcome, she wanted her story to be told, about both Fremlin and her mother.

“The fact that my mother, confronted with the truth of what had happened, chose to stay with, and protect, my abuser.”

Source: Alice Munro’s daughter reveals abuse by her stepfather.

Register Here – IFLN event: A feminist approach to litigation and legal advocacy internationally – City University Law School

IFLN event: A feminist approach to litigation and legal advocacy internationally

Wed 17 Jul 2024 10:00 AM5:00 PM

City University Law School, EC1V 0HB

What can we learn from lawyers in different countries and jurisdictions about their strategies to tackle male violence against women?

Join us on 17 July 2024 for the first hybrid International Feminist Legal Network event.

During the event we will discuss local, regional, national and international approaches on issues such as:

  • Femicide and suicide resulting from domestic abuse
  • Challenging criminalisation of survivors of male violence
  • Challenging men’s fightback through the family courts and the use of parental alienation
  • Police perpetrated abuse
  • Violence against women framed as torture
  • Legal representation for victims in the criminal justice system and challenging anonymity for perpetrators
  • Using litigation as a tool for change
  • The impact of strategic litigation and how to enhance it

Lawyers from around the world will attend in person or online including from the Philippines, South Africa, United States and elsewhere.

International timings for the event are:

05:00-12:00 Lima, Bogota, New York
10:00-17:00 London
11:00-18:00 Madrid, Johannesburg
12:00-19:00 Athens, Helsinki, Nairobi
14:00-21:00 Lahore, Tashkent
14:30-21:30 New Delhi
17:00-00:00 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing
18:00-01:00 Seoul, Tokyo
19:00-02:00 Sydney, Melbourne

Please note this event is aimed at lawyers, legal NGOs and legal academics.

Source: Register Here – IFLN event: A feminist approach to litigation and legal advocacy internationally – City University Law School

Renowned Singer Imprisoned for “Abducting” Child from Molester Father | Women’s Coalition

Award-winning Malian singer Rokia Traoré was set to perform at the Rome Colosseum last Sunday, but instead she was arrested by border police when she entered Italy.

The arrest was made based on an international warrant issued on grounds of “parental abduction”. The warrant originates from a Belgium criminal court that convicted Rokia in absentia and sentenced her to two years in prison. This criminal conviction stems from a violation of a Family Court order giving custody to the father, who the child says molested her.

One of the most inventive female singer/songwriters, Rokia has performed all over Europe, as well as Africa. She’s won many awards, including the BBC Award for World Music and the Victoires de la Musique (French Grammy’s) World Music Album of the Year.

Rokia is also a lifelong humanitarian activist. She presently serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

But this incredibly talented and accomplished woman sits in an Italian jail today awaiting extradition to Belgium, where she will serve her two-year sentence. This draconian punishment is being meted out to her because she dared interfere with the age-old male prerogative to take and sexually abuse his own child—as enforced by Family Court and abetted by Criminal Court.

There was no investigation of the sexual abuse, or at least nothing close to a proper one. The Family Court judge disregarded her daughter’s disclosures, discredited her testimony, and ordered joint physical custody with the credibly accused molester father.

But the father was given legal custody. This is a tactic to silence the child. It gave him the power to determine which therapist the daughter could see or not, depending on who would go along with the cover up of his abuse.

When it was time to hand her daughter over for a month-long visit in the summer of 2019, Rokia fled. She escaped to her home country of Mali!

She and her daughter were safe.

When they arrived in Mali, Rokia presented the evidence of sexual abuse to the Mali court. Apparently they did a proper investigation and she was granted sole custody. The problem with that is Belgium claims jurisdiction and does not recognize the Mali judgment.

Rokia is just one of millions of women who’ve had their children taken from them and given to abusive and self-serving exes in family courts around the world. This is unacceptable in the third millennium when women are supposedly equal and free.

Source: Renowned Singer Imprisoned for “Abducting” Child from Molester Father

Gilead and the BBC, a marriage made in hell | Glinner

On March 5, 2024, a concerned member of the public—formerly a senior media professional—sent the WPATH Files to Fergus Walsh, the BBC’s Medical Editor. The files contained damning information, including admissions from WPATH members about the harm caused by their treatments and the influence of non-medical trans activists.

Despite the gravity and the urgency of the situation, Walsh did not respond. Six days later, on the 11th March, the same individual tried to send an email with an email summarizing key points from an interview with Mia Hughes, the author of the WPATH report, only to discover that their address had been blocked.

But there’s more. It turns out that Walsh is married to Dr. Véronique Walsh, the vice president of Gilead Sciences UK and Ireland. Gilead Sciences is a pharmaceutical company that set up a $4.5 million fund to “to improve the safety, health, and wellness of the transgender community, particularly in light of the disproportionate impact of HIV on transgender individuals”.

$4.5 million sure pays for a lot of ‘wellness’. Gilead uses its financial resources to establish itself as a dedicated ally to the ‘transgender community’, which is really a collection of autistic, troubled, abused or just confused young people, along with middle-aged autogynephiles who have nothing to do with them. Gilead’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund, launched in 2019, has distributed over $9 million to 26 organizations across the United States. While this fund ostensibly supports “strategic program development, capacity building, and direct services”, it of course does so while promoting a specific, contentious narrative around matters trans.

A few years ago, when the War On Women was just starting out, we published a report on Gilead, who were the subject of a mass tort, alleging that the company withheld safer HIV/AIDS drugs from sufferers and manipulated patent timing for profit.

Fergus Walsh served as the BBC’s medical correspondent from 2004 to 2020, when he took over as medical editor for BBC News. In the years leading up to his appointment and since, the BBC has produced only one major investigation into the use of puberty blockers and the ideological basis of ‘trans healthcare’. This was the Newsnight investigation into the Tavistock by Deborah Cohen and her producer Hannah Barnes, the genesis of her acclaimed book ‘Time To Think’. With a scandal of such proportions, you would think BBC News would have turned its attention to follow-up stories, but the BBC’s interest in the issue, never what you might call ‘burning’, disappeared altogether on her exit.

For years now, the BBC’s handling of the trans debate has been a disgrace. Prominent voices like Helen Joyce, Maya Forstater, Stella O’Malley, and Kellie-Jay Keen have been glaringly absent, even from shows like ‘Women’s Hour’. Their coverage reeks of bias, and this habit of lying by omission has done great damage to the BBC’s reputation.

Source: (24) Gilead and the BBC, a marriage made in hell

Unearthed Emails Show Rachel Levine Discussing ‘Potential Revenue’ From Child Sex Change Procedures | The Daily Caller

  • Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine discussed revenue opportunities resulting from hiring a gender clinic social worker while Levine was serving as Pennsylvania’s acting secretary of health, according to emails obtained by parental rights activist Megan Brock and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. 
  • The pair discussed the potential return on investment and downstream revenue generated by social workers at gender clinics, particularly through surgical referrals. 
  • “I am trying to give them some numbers to help them realize the eventual ROI [return on investment] for this necessary position,” the doctor wrote. “Even if the patients under 18 who go for surgery might be limited, the patients we start with will eventually be over 18…so I still think it’s worthwhile. Of course, I think it’s worthwhile no matter what.”

Source: Unearthed Emails Show Rachel Levine Discussing ‘Potential Revenue’ From Child Sex Change Procedures | The Daily Caller

Research into trans medicine has been manipulated | The Economist

Court documents recently released as part of the discovery process in a case involving youth gender medicine in Alabama reveal that WPATH’s claim was built on shaky foundations. The documents show that the organisation’s leaders interfered with the production of systematic reviews that it had commissioned from the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-Based Practice Centre (EPC) in 2018.

From early on in the contract negotiations, WPATH expressed a desire to control the results of the Hopkins team’s work. In December 2017, for example, Donna Kelly, an executive director at WPATH, told Karen Robinson, the EPC’s director, that the WPATH board felt the EPC researchers “cannot publish their findings independently”. A couple of weeks later, Ms Kelly emphasised that, “the [WPATH] board wants it to be clear that the data cannot be used without WPATH approval”.
Ms Robinson saw this as an attempt to exert undue influence over what was supposed to be an independent process. John Ioannidis of Stanford University, who co-authored guidelines for systematic reviews, says that if sponsors interfere or are allowed to veto results, this can lead to either biased summaries or suppression of unfavourable evidence. Ms Robinson sought to avoid such an outcome. “In general, my understanding is that the university will not sign off on a contract that allows a sponsor to stop an academic publication,” she wrote to Ms Kelly.

Eventually WPATH relented, and in May 2018 Ms Robinson signed a contract granting WPATH power to review and offer feedback on her team’s work, but not to meddle in any substantive way. After wpath leaders saw two manuscripts submitted for review in July 2020, however, the parties’ disagreements flared up again. In August the WPATH executive committee wrote to Ms Robinson that WPATH had “many concerns” about these papers, and that it was implementing a new policy in which WPATH would have authority to influence the EPC team’s output—including the power to nip papers in the bud on the basis of their conclusions.

Ms Robinson protested that the new policy did not reflect the contract she had signed and violated basic principles of unfettered scientific inquiry she had emphasised repeatedly in her dealings with WPATH. The Hopkins team published only one paper after WPATH implemented its new policy: a 2021 meta-analysis on the effects of hormone therapy on transgender people. Among the recently released court documents is a WPATH checklist confirming that an individual from WPATH was involved “in the design, drafting of the article and final approval of [that] article”. (The article itself explicitly claims the opposite.) Now, more than six years after signing the agreement, the EPC team does not appear to have published anything else, despite having provided WPATH with the material for six systematic reviews, according to the documents.

No one at WPATH or Johns Hopkins has responded to multiple inquiries, so there are still gaps in this timeline. But an email in October 2020 from WPATH figures, including its incoming president at the time, Walter Bouman, to the working group on guidelines, made clear what sort of science WPATH did (and did not) want published. Research must be “thoroughly scrutinised and reviewed to ensure that publication does not negatively affect the provision of transgender health care in the broadest sense,” it stated. Mr Bouman and one other coauthor of that email have been named to a World Health Organisation advisory board tasked with developing best practices for transgender medicine.
Another document recently unsealed shows that Rachel Levine, a transwoman who is assistant secretary for health, succeeded in pressing wpath to remove minimum ages for the treatment of children from its 2022 standards of care. Dr Levine’s office has not commented. Questions remain unanswered, but none of this helps WPATH’s claim to be an organisation that bases its recommendations on science.

Source: Research into trans medicine has been manipulated