‘Detrimental influence’: Turkey partially bans Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

In Turkey, Good Night stories for Rebel Girls has been partially banned, due to its “detrimental influence on the minds of those under the age of 18.”

Source: ‘Detrimental influence’: Turkey partially bans Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Without oversight, scores of accused priests commit crimes

Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses, an Associated Press investigation has found.

These priests, deacons, monks and lay people now teach middle-school math. They counsel survivors of sexual assault. They work as nurses and volunteer at nonprofits aimed at helping at-risk kids. They live next to playgrounds and day care centers. They foster and care for children.

And in their time since leaving the church, dozens have committed crimes, including sexual assault and possessing child pornography, the AP’s analysis found.

Source: Without oversight, scores of accused priests commit crimes

Sex and Social Constructionism – Dr EM

The current tangled knot surrounding sex and gender is one of patriarchal reversal and a smug ‘gotcha’ by men and anti-feminist women built on feminist works ‘pre’ and post gender’s entry as a term into feminist theory.

Postmodernism provides the philosophical underpinnings for the post truth-era.

However, the current state of affairs, particularly with regards to feminism, is not the fault of postmodernism alone. Judith Butler coupled postmodernism with queer theory in her impenetrable waffle that is Gender Trouble.

Radical feminism posits that women are oppressed as a class on the basis of their biological sex and presumed reproductive capabilities. This structural oppression of women as a sex-class is known as Patriarchy and is imposed through gender. As Simone de Beauvoir argued in The Second Sex, ‘the division of the sexes is a biological fact, not an event in human history’.

Julie Bindel has reiterated the radical feminist position that ‘Genitals determine our physical, biological sex, and indicates whether we are male or female, not whether we are destined to like pink or blue. No one, medic or otherwise, can ‘determine’ gender because it has no basis in material reality’.

Source: Sex and Social Constructionism – Dr EM (Banned from Medium)

”Gender dysphoria spreads like an epidemic online”

The number of cases of gender dysphoria has increased explosively in recent years, especially among young people. I am appalled at the drastic, irrevocable and unscientific treatment. This may be our country’s biggest healthcare scandal ever.

In psychiatry, it is common for epidemics to spread socially. Some other examples are eating disorders and self-harm behavior.

Through internet, the social spread has been made easier and thus has increased.

Unlike the epidemic of self-harm behavior, care providers are not exploring to find the right treatment. Instead, on a broad front, drastic treatment with high doses of sex hormones and breast and genital surgery is introduced. This despite the lack of any scientific evidence for these treatments for children, and probably not for young adults either.

Source: ”Gender dysphoria spreads like an epidemic online” – Sven Román – Medium

Questions of Power and Rights in Surrogacy

I am a lesbian. In my political activism over more than forty years I have repeatedly spoken out against homophobia as well as fighting against misogyny, ableism, racism and classism among other oppressions. Today, in my talk, I am going to criticise gay men who engage women to be surrogates so that they can fulfil their ‘desire’ for children. My criticism is for anyone – straight or gay – who acquires children through surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an industry in which we are creating a new stolen generation with consequences of transgenerational trauma as we have seen in the Bringing Them Home Report (1997) and Julia Gillard’s National Apology for Forced Adoptions (2013). But this time it is inherently a part of the industry. The baby is conceived in order to be taken away at birth. As Renate Klein points out in Surrogacy, pets are better treated and puppies and kittens are usually not removed from their mothers until 6 to 8 weeks old (I am not recommending this, simply pointing it out).

Gay men in these days of equal marriage laws are perceived by the mainstream as a progressive force. And some gay men do behave as a progressive force. However, there is a distinct class of wealthy mobile gay men who are promoting surrogacy as a new freedom for gay men. But there is nothing progressive about exploiting women on the basis of poverty, ethnicity, disability or sex. There is no place for an industry based on misogyny, racism, classism and ableism.

Source: Questions of Power and Rights in Surrogacy | Stop Surrogacy Now