The Contemporary ‘Cult Of The ‘Sex-Worker”

In certain social circles praising sex-workers has become fashionable. How has prostitution – an out-dated, slavery-like industry – been made to look so modern?

The term ‘sex-work’ conveys neutrality, and in doing so it desensitises us to violence and disguises the exploitation of women in the UK and globally. As long as prostitution exists women and men will never be free from patriarchy. Prostitution should be abolished, for all our sakes.

UN expert reminds Australia of obligations on gendered violence

The federal government has been reminded by the United Nations of its human rights obligations to women fleeing from family and domestic violence, and is being advised to provide appropriate funding for Australia’s community legal centres.

Wrapping up her two week examination into the “scourge” of violence against women, the UN special rapporteur Dubravka Simonovic gave her preliminary findings of a problem which takes the lives of one or two Australian women every week.

Why I won’t let any male babysit my children

Many of you have seen one of the latest women writers to come under attack – the author of Why I won’t let any male babysit my children, Kasey Edwards.
Edwards takes a cold, hard look at the too-high likelihood that males with unsupervised access to children will sexually abuse them, compares it with the far lower prevalence of women committing child sexual assault, and concludes that the policy of her and her husband in only allowing women unsupervised access to their children was the most responsible choice they could make.

Power, patriarchy, and men's contradictory attitudes to women – with reference to Wicked Campers

Men’s interest in maintaining patriarchy is so strong that it often overrides the respectful relationships they have with their mothers, wives, and daughters

When one in two women are sexually harassed, it's a problem that's 'normal'

If its endemic in the police force, its little wonder nothing is being done about sexual harassment and discrimination throughout our society.

Sisters sacked by Channel Seven after lodging sexual harassment complaint

Sisters Amy and Sophie Taeuber had worked for Channel Seven for four years when one of them lodged a sexual harassment complaint against a senior colleague who had allegedly made statements of a sexual nature about Amy.

Hopefully this is the end of the road for Wicked Campers

After years of lobbying, finally the community is seeing decisive action against Wicked Campers.

Judge compares offensive Facebook posts to football in sentencing Sydney man

Paloma Brierley NewtonA judge has convicted a Sydney man of making sexually explicit comments on Facebook, with comments that likened the online abuse to a game of football that went too far and accused women of overreacting.