UCLan removes ‘transphobic’ court reporting guidelines from website

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has removed court reporting guidelines described as “transphobic” from its website following heavy criticism.

The guidelines, which advised journalists to refer to trans defendants by their birth name and pronouns, were published by the university’s journalism department on Monday.

The guidelines were accompanied by a 15-page report reviewing “138 reports of court cases involving 39 transgender defendants” in the media.

Among the guidelines, the report advised journalists to “Make clear the biological sex of the defendant high up in the story” and “Use both birth and trans names where available, particularly for sex offences”.

Instructing reporters to “avoid using definitive words without caveat”, the authors wrote: “Headlines which use the word ‘woman’ to describe a transwoman implies that the writer, and publication, agrees with the proposition ‘Transwomen are women’. This is an opinion, not a fact…

The accompanying report claimed: “Defendants are incentivised by the justice system to claim to be trans, and may do so without any plans to change gender.”

Because of the purported incentivisation, the authors advised journalists that: “To refer to a biological male with female pronouns is to tacitly agree with their claim that they are a woman or transwoman. Owing to the incentives of the justice system, this may not be the case.

“Using their chosen pronouns is to collude in their possible deception.”

Binns confirmed to Press Gazette that she had been in contact with the university about the backlash.

“I am confident that the full research paper, and the guidelines it suggests, is in no way transphobic. In fact, I am motivated partly by concerns about the demonisation of the trans community. These suggested guidelines are intended to protect the trans community from being wrongly associated with crime, particularly with sex offenders, who may claim to be trans after arrest.”

Source: UCLan removes ‘transphobic’ court reporting guidelines from website

Yet Another Drag Queen Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse Images – Women Are Human

Brice Patric Ryschon Williams was charged with 25 counts Possession Of Child Pornography, a Class 2 felony and 18 counts of Criminal Use Of A Communications Facility following a two-year investigation.

Williams is a drag queen who goes by the name Anastasia Diamond, and who has participated in drag events across Pennsylvania. In 2020, Williams won the LGBT Center of Central PA ‘Rising Star’ award.
According to The Glinner Update, Williams is “at least the seventh man who is either a drag queen or a sponsor of drag queens to be arrested for paedophilia offences in recent years”.

Source: Yet Another Drag Queen Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse Images – Women Are Human

Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’

A 17-year-old girl who regrets having both of her breasts removed as a result of so-called “gender-affirming care” testified before a California Assembly committee hearing June 28, urging state lawmakers to reject proposed legislation that would make California a transgender sanctuary state.

“I was medically transitioned from ages 13 and 16,” Chloe Cole from the Central Valley told the public safety committee, saying she suffered irreversible consequences from surgeries and hormone treatment.

“My parents were given the threat of suicide as a reason to move me forward in my transition,” she said.

Cole said at age 15, she told her therapist she wanted to remove her breasts. She attended a top surgery class with a dozen other girls her age or younger.

“None of us were going to be men, we were fleeing from the uncomfortable feeling of becoming women,” Cole said.

She went through with the surgery and her endocrinologist put her on puberty blockers and injectable testosterone after two or three appointments, she said.

“Despite having a therapist and attending the top surgery class, I really didn’t understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making. I was incapable of understanding, and it was downplayed consistently,” she said. “My parents, on the other hand, were pressured to continue my so-called ‘gender journey’ with the suicide threat.

Friday, a parent of a teen who once suffered from what’s called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, but no longer identifies as trans, has previously testified that SB 107 would be a big mistake that would only worsen the “largest medical scandal in history,” and spread transgender ideology, which she described as a “social contagion.”

Source: Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’

Gender change data to be scrutinised | News | The Times

All children who have been treated for gender dysphoria in the past decade will have their medical records scrutinised in an effort to find out whether NHS services are harming vulnerable adolescents.

Sajid Javid, the health secretary, will today begin the process of changing of changing the law to allow researchers to study data on about 9,000 people to find out if they suffered health problems as a result of their treatment. At present this is prevented by medical confidentiality laws and rules that mean people are given a new NHS number when they legally change their gender.

Source: Gender change data to be scrutinised | News | The Times

29-Year-Old Male With Female ‘Identity’ Beats Girl, Aged 13, in Skateboarding Contest – Women Are Human

A 29-year-old male sparked public outrage after defeating adolescent and teen girls to become reigning champion of women’s skateboarding.

Source: 29-Year-Old Male With Female ‘Identity’ Beats Girl, Aged 13, in Skateboarding Contest – Women Are Human

What really happened in Nottingham | Siân Louise | The Critic Magazine

On Friday at 11am the library service called me and said that the event could go ahead as planned. Later that day at 3.40pm, the head of the library service called to cancel my booking. He said the decision had been taken at the highest level of the council. I asked for clarification — did he mean David Mellen, the council leader? — and was told yes. I was disappointed and asked them to reconsider because of how difficult it would be for me to change venues this close to the event. They declined.

I asked instead if we — as members of the public — could still go into the library and talk there. I was told no. I then asked if they were really banning women from a public library, and the head of the library service, Nigel Hawkins, said he had been instructed to cancel the event; if Julie Bindel or myself went into the library to talk to each other we would be “barred from entering”. I was astounded by this and requested that the council leader call me to discuss his decision. But David Mellen refused.

I asked for written confirmation of my room booking being cancelled. This was sent at 4.29pm. The room was booked for 9am the next morning with the event due to begin at 11am.

I was left with no choice but to go ahead with the event in the library car park. We were picketed by a small group, half of whom said they were protesting Julie Burchill. She was not even there and I have never met her. These are the people Nottingham City Council are led by in their decision making: confused people who don’t even know the name of the woman they are so opposed to.

Two police cars were sent to “keep an eye on things”. I spoke with two officers, explaining that they weren’t needed, no crime was committed and that they probably had better things to be getting on with than standing around in a car park with a bunch of women.

Source: What really happened in Nottingham | Siân Louise | The Critic Magazine

Boris Johnson: Only a man is born with a penis | News | The Times

A woman cannot be born with a penis, Boris Johnson said last night, adding that there were “particular problems” around “issues of gender”, but he said it was important to be “as understanding of everybody else as possible”.

Asked whether a woman could be born with a penis, Johnson replied: “Not without being a man”.

“I think I’ve spoken of three concerns I’ve had in the past. They are to do with the age at which you can deem it competent to transition, the question of safe spaces for women and the difficulties you have with sporting competitions.

“These are all very difficult problems and you have to be very sensitive. But these are the areas.”

Johnson’s answers went further than his statement to the Commons in March that “when it comes to distinguishing between a man and a woman, the basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important”.

There is an increasingly apparent divide between the Conservatives and Labour on the issue.

In March Sir Keir Starmer said that “trans women are women as a matter of law”. Asked on LBC in March whether a woman can or cannot have a penis, Starmer said: “I don’t think that discussing this issue in this way helps anyone in the long run.”

Source: Boris Johnson: Only a man is born with a penis | News | The Times

World Athletics and FIFA reviewing transgender policies after FINA ruling – ABC News

Source: World Athletics and FIFA reviewing transgender policies after FINA ruling – ABC News

Tom Cotton, Jim Banks Unveil Bill to Make Medical Providers Liable for Minor Gender-Transition Damages | National Review

The bill responds to growing concerns over the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures to alter minors’ physiology and outward appearance. Once signed into law, the bill would allow victims and legal guardians to sue surgeons who perform gender-transition surgeries on minors — or doctors who prescribe them hormone treatments — up to 30 years after the subjects reach the age of majority.

Other provisions would clarify “that federal law cannot be construed to force medical practitioners to offer such procedures” and prevent “federal health funds from going to states that force medical practitioners to perform gender-transition procedures.”

Cotton and Banks’s legislation — which is also being shepherded by Representative Doug LaMalfa (R., Calif.) — is at odds with recent guidance from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and a new executive order from President Joe Biden.

Earlier this month, WPATH changed its standards to allow for hormone treatments for minors to begin at the age of 14 and recommended that surgeries be performed beginning between the ages of 15 and 17. Previously, WPATH had recommended that hormone treatments be withheld until two years later, and surgical remedies be withheld for at least one more year.

Biden signed an executive order to expand access to the treatments and procedures outlined in the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act earlier this month.

Source: Tom Cotton, Jim Banks Unveil Bill to Make Medical Providers Liable for Minor Gender-Transition Damages | National Review

The Greens party is too important to abandon it to social media mobs

I have been a member of the Australian Greens since 2010, but the recent, ugly episode that saw me ousted as Victorian convenor raises real concerns about the future for a party that claims to champion democracy.

The Greens fight for things I believe in: social justice, economic redistribution, peace, and trying to save our planet from environmental catastrophe. As a feminist, anti-racist, education activist, trade unionist and environmentalist, of course, I became active in the Greens, just as I have been active all my life in many community and campaign groups.

I was decried as “transphobic” because, in 2019, I co-authored an internal discussion paper in response to a proposal published by other Greens members titled “Trans Exclusionary Rhetoric”, which sought to ban debate around issues of sex and gender.

I asked whether there were potential complexities about the rights of non-trans women – in sport, in intimate medical procedures, in domestic violence shelters, in hospital wards and prisons – and if so, how should the party address them? A political party that aspires to legislate must be mature enough to deal with such complexities.

As the social media storm blew up around me, to my shock and dismay, instead of calming matters down by reassuring trans members about the Greens’ well-established support and advocacy for LGBTIQA+ rights, the party’s parliamentarians decided to pour petrol on the fire. Led by Senator Janet Rice, MPs and local councillors including Tim Read, Sam Hibbins and Lidia Thorpe used social media to declare that my tenure as convenor was untenable.

The attacks were personal and distressing, but there are much more important things at stake here than my feelings. Those attacks challenge whether members have the right to discuss complex and sensitive issues inside the party. And the overturning of my election is a disturbing move by a party that upholds grassroots democracy as a core principle.

After four days of escalating attacks, Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam used an administrative process to have the election overturned. The party’s internal tribunal set the election aside and ordered a fresh election. This decision was wrong, but I accepted it.

It seemed clear to me that this wasn’t about process; it was about politics. Ratnam said I should not run again.

This is an existential moment for the Greens. Will the members continue to run the party? Or, like the Labor Party, will we cede that to our elected representatives, with the members just along for the ride?

The Greens party is too important to abandon it to social media mobs.

Source: The Greens party is too important to abandon it to social media mobs