Female pushback over trans sport rules

“Women have fought for decades to have access to similar resources (as male sport), similar media coverage, pay parity in professional sports — and now that we are actually starting to gain some ground, that’s all being put at risk,” said Katherine Deves, the Sydney-based spokeswoman for a new group Save Women’s Sport Australasia.
Last week, the activist lobby Pride in Sport announced eight sports — including AFL, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis and touch football — had adopted trans-inclusion policies inspired by a contentious 2019 guideline from federal government agencies Sport Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission.
Pride in Sport, a fee-earning arm of ACON which operates as a national trans activist lobby and “inclusive” training provider, said 14 other sports had promised to come up with similar policies.
Ms Deves said ACON and its partner sports had not given due weight to research concluding that trans competitors who have been through male puberty retain almost all their advantage in lean body mass, muscle area and strength, even if they take drugs to suppress their testosterone in line with 2015 IOC rules.

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Forget What Gender Activists Tell You. Here’s What Medical Transition Looks Like

At a recent gathering, a daughter’s friend told us, “I’m probably trans because I don’t like female puberty.” This instantly got my attention, because I have known this child for years, and I never saw any indication of her being trans. I innocently asked her why she would say that. Was it a joke, perhaps? She replied, “I don’t like my boobs growing, and Reddit says I’m probably trans.” That night, I tracked down these Reddit exchanges, and my jaw dropped when I saw how many people and organizations were heavily pushing the possibility of her being trans. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, given the way such attitudes have gone mainstream. This includes the pediatrician mom whose recent opinion piece for the New York Times was titled What I Learned as the Parent of a Transgender Child. For kids Googling this subject, the overall effect is the equivalent of one big glitter bomb going off on their screen.

I write all this as a 47-year-old transgender man who transitioned five years ago. I’m also a parent to three teenagers.

During my own transition, I had seven surgeries. I also had a massive pulmonary embolism, a helicopter life-flight ride, an emergency ambulance ride, a stress-induced heart attack, sepsis, a 17-month recurring infection due to using the wrong skin during a (failed) phalloplasty, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, the loss of all my hair, (only partially successful) arm reconstructive surgery, permanent lung and heart damage, a cut bladder, insomnia-induced hallucinations—oh and frequent loss of consciousness due to pain from the hair on the inside of my urethra. All this led to a form of PTSD that made me a prisoner in my apartment for a year. Between me and my insurance company, medical expenses exceeded $900,000.

Children who claim to be trans typically are receiving such drugs at a pivotal time in the development of brains and bones. They’ve become a generation of guinea pigs, to answer such questions as: What will happen to a biological boy who takes sex hormones associated with the opposite sex (or vice versa), and grows up without the benefit of natural puberty? What happens to a male body on estrogen over the long term? No one knows.

Kids who are suicidal before their transition will likely continue to be suicidal, and the most intense ideation often comes years after transitioning. (Transgender folks themselves sometimes speak anecdotally of a seven-to-10-year trans suicide “itch” observed within the community.)

Source: Forget What Gender Activists Tell You. Here’s What Medical Transition Looks Like – Quillette

The triumph of irrationality and misogyny – 7000 years of patriarchy. Until radical feminism

Men use to say how irrational women are, and rationality is related to the male genius. Women only feel, but most of the time they feel wrong.
But an entire history of patriarchy shows that men are extraordinary at inventing myths and perverting the truth. The lies told by them are hard to believe, but they have their means to impose them.

Such an incredible lie is that men can be women. Men can compete as women at the Olympic games and not only. I am wondering what would have said poor Pierre de Coubertin (the founder of the International Olympic Committee) about it. Is it this the Olympic spirit?

An entire planet watched a young gymnast being disqualified, and the gold medal being retrieved from her because she treated her coldness with a banal medicin (Nurofen). It was so frustrating, but this was the rule.
Unfortunately the rule apply only to women, not men. If Nurofen changes performances (in fact it has a destructive effect on them), male hormones for an entire life don’t. But only when used by women, not men. A man can compete as a woman, if he feels like a woman.

Source: The triumph of irrationality and misogyny – 7000 years of patriarchy. Until radical feminism

I’m a Female Powerlifter. Women’s Sports Are for Females

Females are being displaced by males in athletic competitions across this nation and around the world. Biological males have punched women out, collected their medals and pushed them off victory podiums. The only women I know who are challenging this injustice through legal means are female student-athletes and their mothers.

This led me to launch Save Women’s Sports, a diverse coalition that seeks to preserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation in women’s sports. I’m something of an accidental activist—a mom and amateur athlete who cares about the future of women’s opportunities. You don’t need to be religious or politically active to believe that women’s sports should only be for adult biological females.

Many women are afraid to speak up. They risk losing sponsorships, relationships and jobs. But courage begets courage. That’s why I invite current and former female NCAA and professional athletes to stand up, speak up and sign their support for women’s sports.

Speaking up for women’s sports might get you in some hot water. But like First Lady Roosevelt quipped, that is when we’ll show our strength. Together, we can save women’s sports.

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Mother in gender clinic court fight says she wants to stop children making ‘catastrophic’ decisions

A mother taking a gender clinic to court to prevent it giving sex-change drugs to her autistic daughter says she wants to prevent youngsters making ‘catastrophic’ decisions that they live to regret.

The woman, who can only be called ‘Mrs A’ for legal reasons, fears her 16-year-old daughter will be fast-tracked for transgender medical treatment once she is seen by clinicians at the Gender Identity Development Service in London.

Mrs A is one of two women taking the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs GIDS, to the High Court to stop it prescribing the powerful ‘puberty blocker’ drugs to those under the age of 18.

Some experts say they give children time to reflect on whether to press ahead with further treatment. But studies show the vast majority of those who take them move on to ‘cross-sex hormones’ such as testosterone for those born female.

Warning of the implications of taking the drugs, Mrs A said: ‘If you start a child on puberty blockers – and nigh-on 100 per cent of them go on to take cross-sex hormones – then you are almost putting them on cross-sex hormones there and then. You are setting them on the path of medical transition.

Source: Mother in gender clinic court fight says she wants to stop children making ‘catastrophic’ decisions | Daily Mail Online

Save women’s sports from gender ideology

Tara VanDerveer has been the head women’s basketball coach at Stanford University since 1985. She once compared the world of women’s sports before 1972 to a family dinner table where the boys were served steaks and the girls were served cold hot dogs without buns or even ketchup.

And quite frankly, girls only got the “benefit” of cold hot dogs if there was any money leftover after buying all the steaks — often, there wasn’t.

Title IX, the 1972 federal law barring discrimination on the basis of sex in education, changed everything. It required that men and women receive equitable educational opportunities.

Given the history behind Title IX and how it was passed specifically to protect girls and women from a system that favored boys and men, it’s appalling that the ACLU and other organizations are now trying to undo Title IX so that a transgender girl can simply steal the steak from the biological girl seated across the table, leaving her with nothing.

Nineteen states in our country allow biological males who self-identify as women to play on women’s sports teams in schools. This means biological boys, with all the advantages of the male body, are being allowed to steal athletic opportunities from biological girls in multiple ways.

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We must save women’s sports for women

As a female powerlifter, I’m used to going up against a challenge by myself. When I spoke out in defense of saving women’s sports for women, though, I was surprised to find myself standing alone.

Women’s sports are for women. There is a reason why women’s sports exist. Biologically, men and women are fundamentally different. Men have greater muscle mass and bone density as well as different bone structures. Their cardiovascular systems are more powerful. So, when men and women go head-to-head in a sport, the man has a natural advantage — and that advantage does not go away just because that man claims a female gender identity or manipulates hormones.

I have seen that excelling in a sport can do wonders for a woman’s confidence. I have also seen that being beaten by a man in her own sport tears a woman down.

Source: We must save women’s sports for women – StarTribune.com

Court rules man cannot be listed as child’s mother

A national court in France has ruled that a man who fathered a child with his wife six years ago cannot now be listed as the child’s mother.

The French news agency RFI reported transgender activists are outraged over the decision.

In the highest court in France, the Court of Cassation in Paris, the judges concluded that “Claire,” the biological father to three children with his wife, isn’t a “mother.”

[L]awyer, Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet, explained that to decide any other way would be to “to transform that child’s personal history into fiction, in the name of adult desire.”

Source: Court rules man cannot be listed as child’s mother

An Interview with Spanish Lawyer Paula Fraga Arias

We are delighted to feature an interview with Spanish feminist lawyer Paula Fraga Arias. She is a representative of Contra el Borrado de las Mujeres (Against the Erasure of Women), an international alliance bringing together Spanish-speaking feminists in order to fight against the erasure of women’s rights resulting from the conflict between sex-based rights and ‘gender identity’ policies.

Gender is the rocky outcrop that gives safe harbour to the sexual subordination of women and the violence wrought upon us under patriarchy. That is how feminist theory defines it.

However, antifeminist and sexist theories – like queer theory – define gender as people’s internal life or a display of personality, and so they refer to a ‘gender identity’. Where feminist theory sees structural oppression, queer theory sees individual identity.

And this is what is being institutionalised through identity laws. The first problem with this substitution is that it does not fights against what we need to see abolished, but instead it reinforces it and protects it.

The legal eradication of sex, as a category, has dire consequences for women. To say that any male who identifies as a woman, and who with nothing more than their own declaration has be recognised as such, undermines women’s rights and compromises our spaces. A concrete example: categories of women’s sports are being placed at risk if trans (wo)men being accepted as competitors, putting at stake women’s right to compete on a level playing field and their physical safety.

In general terms, we can say that substituting sex-based rights for gender-based rights is a legal aberration, with important, prejudicial, practical implications for all women. It renders useless both any positive sexual discrimination and any public policies to fight sexual inequality.  . . .

[U]nder patriarchy, it is men who overwhelmingly kill women, rape women, exploit women (sexually and reproductively), they force marriages on us and genitally mutilate us, just for being female. Yet there is a posh, post-modern activism that argues that, whilst we are suffering these harsh realities, dedicates itself to calling us privileged. This is on top of the accusations of transphobia against women who are simply talking about their bodies. How often are we accused of transphobia simply for speaking about bodily realities? . . .

Transactivism is badly named because you can’t call harassing women activism. The reaction from queer and transgender groups against me has been virulent. They refuse to debate, full stop. They have tried to discredit my work with personal attacks and insults. When I published an article that was critical of queer theory, they started a bullying campaign on social media that lasted days, and I’ve had threats of both violence and death on numerous occasions.

Source: An Interview with Spanish Lawyer Paula Fraga Arias — FiLiA

Olympian, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jane Flemming says transgender athletes danger to women

  • Olympian, Commonwealth Games gold medallist has joined transgender debate
  • Jane Flemming argued athletes born male had physical advantages over women 
  • The track and field champion, 55, argued this made sport unsafe for women

‘The difficulty is that for the human species that’s been born biological male, if they go through puberty in particular, they have, absolutely, have some physiological advantages,’ she told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

‘Whether it is bone strength or extra capillarisation or larger muscle bulk, but then there are other aspects of that as well, not only does that affect performance but there is a health or a danger aspect.’

Source: Olympian, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jane Flemming says transgender athletes danger to women | Daily Mail Online