Rachel Levine Is a Quack Promoted by Pharma-Backed Advocacy Group to Normalize Disembodiment 

How does a dangerous man like Dr. Rachel Levine wind up in the White House, spewing potentially deadly information to the public about drugs to treat children distressed about their sexed bodies? He was backed by The Victory Institute, which works to get LGBTQ activists into top levels of power in the US.

The Food and Drug Administration, run by Levine’s Department of Health and Human Services, had only a few weeks earlier identified that puberty blockers carry a risk of brain damage to children. It’s not possible that Levine, a pediatrician, was unaware of this.  These known side effects in adults were reported at least as early as 1996, when women with endometriosis and men with late-stage prostate cancer prescribed the drug were reported to present with the same side effects.

Levine’s paraphilia, colloquially known as transsexualism, has been rebranded to transgenderism for today’s youth to open markets in medical manipulations of sex.  Normalizing this paraphilia, with the escalating prominence of the men who have it at all fronts of society, along with media promotion of it as progressive, edgy, cool, and part of a human rights movement, serves to drive further investments by elites in clinics to manipulate sex characteristics and assisted fertility treatments that will be needed later in life by children who are now being sterilized and otherwise harmed by these drugs. This industry is a direct outgrowth of the creation of synthetic sex characteristics that mimic women’s biology for men to assuage their fetish

Victory Institute’s sponsorship list looks like a who’s who of funding to normalize synthetic sex identities, including Jon Stryker (aside his foundation funding), Tim Gill and his LGBTQ NGO, Gill Foundation, Tides Foundation, Unilever, Pfizer—one of the largest multi-national biopharma corporations worth nearly $52 billion and invested in gene therapy and genetics—Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, RBC Capital Markets, a global investment bank providing services in banking, finance, and capital markets to corporations, institutional investors, asset managers and governments globally, with locations spanning 70 offices in 15 countries across North America, the UK, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Google, Gilead, Comcast, AT&T, David Geffen, Jennifer Pritzker, and David Bohnett, to name a few, are also supporting synthetic sex identities as progressive and also fund Victory Institute.

Source: Rachel Levine Is a Quack Promoted by Pharma-Backed Advocacy Group to Normalize Disembodiment 

Why the Tavistock had to fall – UnHerd

Talking to children about their identity issues and co-creating meaning with them may be an art, but giving them gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues (GnRHa) is still very much a science — or at least it should be.

During GIDS’s experiment in administering these unlicensed drugs, doubts were already emerging about the poor quality of the evidence base, and about the potentially negative effects of GnRHa on brain maturation, bone density, kidneys, height, sexual function, and mature genitalia formation. Yet the Patient Information Sheet offered to patients and their parents by clinicians minimised the then-suspected risks. And though the process was widely advertised as a harmless “pause” on puberty, of the initial 44 children in their initial cohort for the treatment, almost all went on to cross-sex hormones, raising the question of what made this treatment a meaningful pause for reflection in any real sense. By 2017, the Mail on Sunday was reporting that GnRHa had been prescribed to 800 adolescents under 18, including 230 children under 14 and some as young as 10.

Consider the following: for over a decade, and for highly uncertain gains, an NHS service appears to have been been potentially “sterilising” a cohort of minors dominated by homosexual and autistic children, leaving some unable ever to experience orgasm at all. It has exposed them all to increased risk of other irrevocable physical effects (only this month, for instance, the US Food and Drug Administration added “loss of vision” to potential side effects of GnRHa). And it has apparently made it highly likely that each will eventually end up taking cross-sex hormones in young adulthood, so moving towards a permanent change in their sexual characteristics and the surgical loss of body parts.

Source: Why the Tavistock had to fall – UnHerd

Julie Burchill: In an age where women’s very existence is being denied, this glorious show of bold femininity can change the world – The Mail

Yesterday even I woke with a dart of joy. The Lionesses had won!
In an age when women’s very existence is being denied and we’re being robbed of our hard-won gains – from toilets to trophies – by angry trans activists; at a time when our bodies are commodified and picked apart like never before thanks to social media, these bold young women have clawed out new territory. Their spirit signifies new freedoms, new potential for women everywhere.

Nowhere was this more apparent when listening to the poignant words of the so-called ‘Lost Lionesses’ of the 1971 Women’s World Cup. They were the first unofficial England women’s team in the days after a 50-year ban on women’s football was lifted.

Isn’t it incredible to think that, until recently, women’s football was as good as illegal?!

The FA will be all over women’s football now, of course, sensing the vast amounts of money to be made from ‘merch’ [merchandising] but, considering their historical attempts to destroy the women’s game, this feels like much too little, much too late.

Source: Julie Burchill: In an age where women’s very existence is being denied, this glorious show of bold femininity can change the world – The Mail

Don’t buy the Stonewall line on gender identity? Fine. You can’t be sacked for that now | Sonia Sodha | The Guardian

Recent court rulings vindicate a woman’s right to believe that biological sex matters.

You might think the last place to harbour unlawful discrimination would be a barristers’ chambers that prides itself on “defending human rights and upholding the rule of law”. But the employment tribunal last week found that Garden Court Chambers discriminated against and victimised its tenant Allison Bailey on account of her “gender critical” beliefs.

It is the second such finding of discrimination by the courts in a month, after they ruled that Maya Forstater was denied work by the thinktank CGD Europe because she articulated her belief in the scientific reality that someone’s biological sex is real and immutable. Like Forstater, Bailey disagrees with campaigners such as the charity Stonewall that someone’s self-identified “gender identity” should override their sex and argues that women have the right to access female-only sports, prisons, refuges and changing rooms. Garden Court announced that it was investigating her social media activity, including a tweet robustly criticising Stonewall for championing gender ideology and another calling out the coercive concept of the “cotton ceiling”, a reference to lesbians’ knickers in the context of the absurd view that lesbians who exclude males who identify as women from their dating pool are transphobic.

Source: Don’t buy the Stonewall line on gender identity? Fine. You can’t be sacked for that now | Sonia Sodha | The Guardian

The Tavistock scandal shows the dangers of civil service groupthink | News | The Sunday Times

When I became equalities minister in early 2020, the NHS gender identity service (GIDS) for young people was presented to me by government officials as a positive medical provision to support children. I was assured that was there “nothing to see here”, if anything, the Tavistock was getting unfair press. This was despite whistleblowers like Dr David Bell already raising concerns about practices at the clinic.

Children and their welfare should be a priority of any government. After receiving correspondence on the matter I decided to listen to every perspective on the issue of those experiencing gender distress to prepare future policy. I noticed officials seemed to be consulting the same people and previous ministers had created an LGBT advisory panel that was clearly suffering from groupthink.

I insisted on meeting campaigners on both sides of the debate: not just Stonewall but, to the horror of some officials, the LGB Alliance. I met clinicians and, most importantly, I asked to meet young people who had used the Tavistock’s services.

One such young person was Keira Bell. To my surprise, I was advised strongly and repeatedly by civil servants in the department that it would be “inappropriate” to speak to her. I overruled the advice. Along with other advisers across government I met Keira and listened to what she had to say. Her testimony was harrowing and brought many on the Zoom call to tears. Keira described how, after being put on puberty blockers at the age of 16, she was given testosterone shots at 17, before her breasts were cut off at 20. Worse was the casual indifference she described from the GIDS service to her continued post-surgery wellbeing.

[I]t was clear that many women in today’s workplace were paying a much bigger price for telling the truth while doing their job. Journalist Lucy Bannerman exposed the Tavistock’s ideology and practices only to have a mob picket her workplace with placards labelling her work “transphobic”. Online trolls routinely sent her death threats. Professor Kathleen Stock was hounded out of Sussex University by students. Maya Forstater and Allison Bailey are two heroic women who have been vindicated through our legal system. But their struggle for justice came with unimaginable hardship simply for asserting that biological sex was real.

The reason it took this long for the Tavistock to be shut down is that activists succeeded in creating an environment in which critics and journalists felt unable to interrogate the dogma that youngsters should be able to medically transition in the way overseen by Tavistock. The treatment of these women showed the heavy price to pay and many people including MPs on all sides of the house simply didn’t want to get involved.

A Labour MP told me in private she was grateful her party was not in power because they would not be able to face down the large number of activists online that Labour relies on to push its message.

To win these battles, ministers must see through the courage of their convictions, ignore Twitter storms and face down vested interests who are profiting from scandals such as the Tavistock that ruined so many lives.

Source: The Tavistock scandal shows the dangers of civil service groupthink | News | The Sunday Times

BBC ‘disappearing women’ as gender quota filled by trans guests who self-identify

The 50:50 equality project was founded in 2017 by Ros Atkins, the BBC News presenter, and heavily promoted on the corporation’s website to empower women.

It urges BBC editors to monitor the number of contributors on their programmes to gather data and set diversity benchmarks, with the aim of at least half being women.

But it has erupted in a trans row, as its methodology now says “content-makers monitor the gender identity of their contributors with the aim of featuring at least 50 per cent women – they do not monitor whether a contributor’s gender differs from their sex registered at birth”.

It means trans women born as male will be counted as women, sparking a backlash from BBC staff who say the scheme has been hijacked by trans activists.

A senior BBC insider told The Telegraph: “The BBC has now ‘disappeared’ women as a sex class and instead monitors ‘gender identity’. It’s redefined a word which we all understand, without any public debate, and Ros Atkins has gone along with the change.

“In this 50:50 monitoring, the BBC is still following ‘Stonewall law’ in failing to respect sex as as a protected characteristic. Sadly, the BBC still seems to be a deeply sexist organisation where these concerns raised by women are dismissed.”

Source: BBC ‘disappearing women’ as gender quota filled by trans guests who self-identify

Brainwashed: Yes, Content from School, the Internet, and Peer Influence did Make My Kid “Trans”

My teenage son and I recently discussed what led to his belief that he was a transgender girl for a period of two years, and why he desisted. My son recorded the following conversation and sent it to me, with the hope it might help another family. After his experience, he now expresses opposition to the transitioning of youth.

Source: Brainwashed: Yes, Content from School, the Internet, and Peer Influence did Make My Kid “Trans”

Teen gender clinic shut down

Calls are growing for a review of the nation’s gender clinics and the prescription of puberty blockers to teenagers after Britain’s leading Tavistock Clinic was closed down.

The ordered close of the Tavistock Clinic – the model for treating trans people around the world – on Thursday followed concerns raised by doctors that young ­patients were being referred on to a gender transitioning path too quickly and that there was insufficient evidence as to the long-term cognitive and physical impacts of puberty blockers.
With several major Australian gender clinics based at children’s hospitals having been strongly influenced by the Tavistock Clinic, some doctors say the findings of the British review by Dr Hilary Cass are likely to apply equally in Australia amid a dominance of a “gender affirming” approach to treating gender dysphoria.
The close of the Tavistock Clinic comes as Dr Cass recommends a shift to a more “holistic” mode of care amid concerns that other clinical presentations including mental health issues were “overshadowed” when gender was raised by children referred to the clinic.
Puberty blockers will now only be able to be prescribed in the UK as part of a clinical trial that follows children until adulthood.
“Puberty blockers, rather than acting as a “pause button” allowing children time to explore their identity, seem to lock them into a medicalised treatment pathway,” Dr Cass’s interim report said.

Source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/…/2b826d34b5d11063cf54…

Fundraiser by Christina Ellingsen : WDI Norway legal fund

My name is Christina. I am currently under police investigation, suspected of hate speech, for saying men can’t be lesbian mothers. Support this fundraiser to help me and women in Norway who may face the same injustice for speaking the truth. Donations will go to WDI Norway’s legal fund.


Source: Fundraiser by Christina Ellingsen : WDI Norway legal fund

Tavistock transgender clinic shut down by NHS after review finds it is ‘not safe’ for children

The Tavistock transgender clinic is to be shut down by the NHS after a review found it is “not safe” for children.

NHS England will move young people who believe that they are trans into regional centres which will take a more “holistic” approach to treatment and look at other mental health or medical issues they may have.

The decision is a response to the interim Cass Review, which warned that medics in the Tavistock had felt “under pressure to adopt an unquestioning affirmative approach” to gender identity rather than going through the normal process of clinic assessment with young people.

Source: Tavistock transgender clinic shut down by NHS after review finds it is ‘not safe’ for children