German court rules transsexual woman can’t be ‘mother’

Berlin – Germany’s top court has ruled that a transsexual woman whose frozen sperm was used to fertilise an egg can only be registered as the child’s father.

The Federal Court said judges concluded “the transsexual person’s fundamental rights aren’t breached by the fact that existing ancestry law assigns her the legal status of parent according to her former sex and the specific contribution to procreation that resulted from this”.

Woman shocked when transgender NHS nurse with stubble was sent for her cervical smear test

A woman was shocked when a transgender NHS nurse with stubble was sent to perform her cervical smear test.

The clinic patient, who had requested a female for the intimate procedure, complained after feeling “embarrassed and distressed”.

She decided not to go ahead and claimed the nurse had an “obviously male appearance”.

And she said when told she asked for a female, the nurse replied: “My gender is not male. I’m a transexual.”

She said: “People not comfortable about this are presented as bigots.”

Meanwhile, bathers at women-only Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath, London, protested rules letting males transitioning to female use the pond and female changing rooms.

Swimmers said a man in a bikini used it this summer and claimed he was transitioning.

‘Transracial’ man born white feels like he is Filipino

Ja Du, born a white male named Adam, now considers himself a Filipino. Turns out the purple ride he drives around in is called a Tuk Tuk, an Asian-derived vehicle used for public transit in the Philippines he says.

She (sic) has started a Facebook group for others who identify as “transracial.”

Many, including de Guzman, have compared Ja Du to Rachel Dolezal, the white woman and former NAACP chapter president who infamously identifies as black. De Guzman said he finds Ja Du’s claims of identity offensive in a political sense.

Topshop announces gender-neutral changing rooms after trans customer was refused access to female cubicles

Topshop has announced it now has gender-neutral changing rooms following growing pressure from customers.

It came to light after a trans customer claims they were refused access to female cubicles.

The fashion retailer, owned by Sir Philip Green, revealed it has already introduced the policy after performance artist Travis Alabanza, who identifies as trans feminine, claims they were asked to use a male changing room.

Feminist Camille Paglia On Transgenderism: ‘The Cold Biological Truth Is That Sex Changes Are Impossible’

Asked by Jonathan Last why there has not been an open confrontation between feminism and transgenderism, Paglia responded that there has already been such a confrontation in the United Kingdom, citing the transgender community’s attacks on iconic feminist Germaine Greer and radical Australian feminist Sheila Jeffreys, the author of Gender Hurts.

Then, the shot straight from the hip: “The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible. Every single cell of the human body remains coded with one’s birth gender for life. Intersex ambiguities can occur, but they are developmental anomalies that represent a tiny proportion of all human births.”

Paglia added, “Like Germaine Greer and Sheila Jeffreys, I reject state-sponsored coercion to call someone a ‘woman’ or a ‘man’ simply on the basis of his or her subjective feeling about it.”
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