Trans and gender-diverse staff at Coles will now be given 10 days extra leave | Daily Mail Online

Trans and gender-diverse staff of supermarket chain Coles will be entitled to up to 10 days of paid gender affirmation leave.

  • Team members undergoing gender affirmation will be entitled to the leave
  • Coles Chief Legal and Safety Officer said 900 staff members are gender diverse
  • Coles confirmed the leave may be for medical or counselling purposes 

Source: Trans and gender-diverse staff at Coles will now be given 10 days extra leave | Daily Mail Online

10 days DV leave now accessible for millions of Australians

Handed down by the the Fair Work Commission yesterday, millions of Australians will be afforded 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave.

The bench disputed claims from the Master Grocers Association’s that paid FDV leave would act as a disincentive to employing women, deeming the argument “mere speculation”, and noting that such conduct would be wilfully unlawful.

“Scott Morrison must now match the commitment already made by Anthony Albanese to ensure that any of the 11 million Australian workers covered by the NES who needs to escape violence has paid leave to protect their homes and income while they protect themselves and their families,” ACTU president Michele O’Neil said.

Source: 10 days DV leave now accessible for millions of Australians

California push to seat more women on boards ruled unlawful | Australasian Lawyer

California’s landmark requirement that corporate boards include women was ruled unconstitutional.

The outcome is a victory for a conservative legal advocacy group that challenged the measure as reverse discrimination.

“We’re disappointed and appalled at this setback for women to be advancing in business,” said Betsy Berkhemer-Credair, CEO of 50/50 Women on Boards, and one of the proponents of the law when she was president of the California chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. The group expects the state to appeal, but has no assurances yet that it will, she said.

The case is Crest v. Padilla, 19STCV27561, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles (Los Angeles).

Source: California push to seat more women on boards ruled unlawful | Australasian Lawyer

‘Quiet fury is simmering’ among women as 8 matters for gender equality published

The Victorian Women’s Trust has published eight “matters that count” addressing the “quiet fury” they say is simmering for women.

VWT’s Matters that Count to Australian Women include:

  • Significant investment to stop men’s violence towards women and children
  • A constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to our national parliament
  • Wage justice for women working in aged care and childcare sectors
  • Affordable housing for women to stop their slide into homelessness
  • Serious, concerted action on climate change
  • Affordable and high-quality childcare and early learning system
  • Ending the cruel treatment of asylum seekers
  • A strong and effective anti-corruption commission

Source: ‘Quiet fury is simmering’ among women as 8 matters for gender equality published

`Gender critical´ barrister claims she lost work for… | Daily Mail Online

Allison Bailey said she was deprived of work after voicing her concerns about Stonewall when her chambers adopted its Diversity Champions scheme.

The document outlined how Ms Bailey, who founded gender-critical campaign group LGB Alliance, opposed the adoption of the Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme by her employer, Garden Court Chambers, in December 2018.

According to the argument, she suggested the charity was complicit in a “campaign of harassment” against people who question “trans self-ID ideology”, a viewpoint which lawyers said caused a “strong negative reaction at the most senior level” within the chambers.

Ms Bailey is also said to claim Stonewall tried to persuade Garden Court to cut its associations with her over her support of gender-critical beliefs after two tweets in September and October 2019, which criticised the charity.

In the first, she said Stonewall had hired Morgan Page, an activist and writer who she described as “a male-bodied person who ran workshops with the sole aim of coaching heterosexual men who identify as lesbians on how they can coerce young lesbians into having sex with them”.

In the second, she thanked a Sunday Times journalist for “reporting on the appalling levels of intimidation, fear and coercion that are driving the @stonewalluk trans self-ID agenda”.

Ms Bailey is suing both Stonewall and Garden Court for discrimination, and has raised more than £495,000 to fund her legal case.

The tribunal continues.

Source: `Gender critical´ barrister claims she lost work for… | Daily Mail Online

Barrister was discriminated against for gender-critical views, tribunal hears

Allison Bailey is suing Garden Court chambers and Stonewall after she was asked by her chambers to delete two tweets criticising the LGBTQ+ charity’s position on trans rights and which Stonewall had complained about.

Bailey, a lesbian and founder of the gender-critical group LGB Alliance, refused to delete the tweets and alleges unlawful discrimination and victimisation, claiming she suffered detriment at the hands of the chambers, including a reduction in work offered to her by clerks. People who are gender-critical disagree with the view that gender identity should be prioritised over biological sex.

Garden Court chambers was a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme, under which businesses pay the charity for advice and assessments on creating inclusive workplaces. In one of the two tweets Bailey was later asked to remove, she tweeted thanking the Times for “fairly & accurately reporting on the appalling levels of intimidation, fear & coercion that are driving the @stonewalluk trans self-id agenda”.

The tweets led to complaints to the chambers, including one from Stonewall which, Cooper told the tribunal, had been solicited to submit an objection by Michelle Brewer from the chambers’ trans rights working group.

Source: Barrister was discriminated against for gender-critical views, tribunal hears

Joint Statement on Sexual Harassment Reporting Platform – Go Live 6 April 2022

From: John McKenzie NSW Legal Services Commissioner; Joanne van der Plaat, President, Law Society of NSW Michael McHugh SC, President NSW Bar Association

Source: OLSC-Sexual-Harassment-Reporting-Platform-final.pdf

Julia Banks: Liberals show lack of character with attacks on independents

Even in his early days as prime minister, Morrison had many moments that were characterised as ‘Trumpian’ and ended up in the international press for all the wrong reasons.

One was when he said: “We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others (i.e. men) doing worse.”

He actually said that. And worse still, it wasn’t off the cuff or a case of the words coming out wrong. It was in his written, prepared speech for International Women’s Day in 2019. At a time when his government’s women problem was under the glare of public scrutiny.

Over the past three years, Morrison has failed to act on this problem, on climate change (think Glasgow) and on integrity (recall the broken promise for a federal anti-corruption commission) to name a few issues. And this has given rise to independent campaigns across the country in what are regarded as safe Liberal seats.

As certain candidates emerged as real threats, the Liberals responded to them in the same way they did to me. Although the incumbent MPs in these seats face perfectly fair and democratic challenges, their attacks use demeaning language and devolve into senseless and nasty personal hit-jobs through the patriarchal prism of entitlement and sexism.

And they go after those who represent the greatest threat to the party and its power: Zoe Daniel in Goldstein, Allegra Spender in Wentworth, and Monique Ryan in Kooyong. An esteemed former foreign correspondent, a successful businesswoman, and a paediatric neurologist respectively.

Articulate professional women who have worked hard their entire adult lives in substantial careers, where their success would have been impossible without high intellect, good judgement, sound values and strong ethics.

Women who have raised families and lived and cared for their local community and for their country.

And yet the Liberals have shamelessly called these women “puppets” and “fake independents”, and their campaigns everything from “a front for the Labor Party and the Greens” to “a fraud” and “immoral”.

All of this is not only insulting and disgusting – it can be harmful and incite further abuse. Not just of these women and their families but of their staff, volunteers and the tens of thousands of people who are supporting them.

These are women with whom, as a former Liberal, I share the same values and beliefs – in truth, integrity, inclusion, climate change action and a future-focused economy. Values and beliefs that have taken a backseat in Morrison’s party to such an extent that they may as well take the word ‘liberal’ out of their party name completely, just as MPs have taken it off their campaign material.

The Liberals do not ‘own’ these seats and these women are not “anti-liberal”. They are “pro Australia”, and our country is lucky that women of their calibre are running for office.

Source: Julia Banks: Liberals show lack of character with attacks on independents

The Oscars take one step forward and two steps back

Hollywood not only continues to objectify women, but is pushing a misogynist agenda, disguised as progressive politics.

This year, the Academy Awards offered a few pleasant surprises, including the Oscar for Best Director going to New Zealander Jane Campion for The Power of the Dog. Only two other women have won this prestigious honour in 94 years of Oscar ceremonies: Chloé Zhao for Nomadland, last year, and Kathryn Bigelow, in 2009, for The Hurt Locker.

Another welcome surprise was the Best Picture Oscar winner, CODA, directed by a woman: American writer/director Sian Heder.

Other aspects of Oscar night were less unusual, beginning with the hypersexualized women’s fashions. Many of the actresses — not to mention co-hosts, performers, and female guests — who were photographed and interviewed on the red carpet (or attending the popular Vanity Fair Oscars after party) demonstrated that the double standard regarding men and women’s fashions remains alive and well.

Despite the actress-led #MeToo movement and “Time’s Up” endeavour, Hollywood women have declined to push back against objectifying industry norms, lest it challenge their own bottom line.

Most men did not dress much differently than they did in early days of Oscar ceremonies. It is women’s dress codes that seem to have changed most substantially, regressing from fashions that allowed the audience to focus on the award rather than on body parts.

Maintaining the theme of woke misogyny, Oscar attendees took the opportunity to virtue signal their adherence to a queer ideology that seems intent on erasing women.

The actress formerly known as Ellen Page, who recently had an elective double mastectomy and changed her name to Elliot, was a presenter for the Best Original Screenplay award . . . Page, sporting a tuxedo, was likely the most covered woman there. It seems it becomes acceptable for women not to self-objectify only if they claim to be male.

The most memorable moment of the evening was of course Will Smith’s narcissistic efforts to white knight himself, slapping Chris Rock onstage in defense of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock’s joke about Pinkett Smith’s bald head, due to her alopecia, was tepid, and the fact Smith’s embarrassing outburst went unchallenged seems to say a lot about how the Oscar’s “woke” veneer has in fact moved us back decades.

Source: The Oscars take one step forward and two steps back

Dyson Heydon victims secure settlement – Lawyers Weekly

The victims of sexual harassment by former High Court justice Dyson Heydon have secured a six-figure compensation payout from the federal government.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has confirmed that Rachel Patterson Collins, Chelsea Tabart and Alex Eggerking were awarded a secret compensation payout reported to exceed more than a million dollars. In making the announcement, Ms Cash said the government had listened to and apologised to all three women.

Source: Dyson Heydon victims secure settlement – Lawyers Weekly