Child sexual abuse prevention campaign launches

A landmark national ad campaign aimed at encouraging adults to have sensitive conversations with young people about child sexual abuse will hit TV screens and social media from Sunday night, in what advocates say is a critical step in raising awareness.

The ‘One Talk at a Time’ campaign features three scenarios of adults gently raising the topic with children, as a way of proactively identifying behaviours such as unwanted touching, inappropriate talk or solicitation of photos as something that is not OK, even if it comes from family or friends.
Bravehearts chief executive Alison Geale said the prevention of sexual harm was something that should be introduced into discussions with children from an early age.
“There is still an element of shame and stigma attached [to child sexual abuse] and an element of this won’t happen in my family, or this happens in other families,” she said.
The Morcombes and Bravehearts are part of an advisory group of advocates and experts, coordinated by National Office of Child Safety and co-chaired by Johnston, who was consulted during the development of the campaign.

Source: Child sexual abuse prevention campaign launches

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