‘Choose your own gender’ bill rejected by 83pc of voters | Daily Telegraph

Almost 83 per cent of NSW residents are opposed to plans to enable people to “change” their sex by simply filling out forms, a survey has found.

New laws are being proposed in state parliament by independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich to allow “self-ID” of sex for official government forms, junking the current requirement for individuals to undergo medical treatment to change sex.
However, a survey of 13,258 NSW citizens, conducted by a parliamentary inquiry into the impact of the Equality Legislation Amendment (LGBTIQA) Bill 2023, found the overwhelming majority ­rejected the changes.
A whopping 85 per cent of the those who took part in the online survey rejected the bill altogether, with 13 per cent supporting it and another 0.89 per cent supporting it with amendments. Plans to allow 16-year-olds to consent to medical treatments without their parent’s permission were rejected by 82 per cent.
Equality Australia chief executive Anna Brown welcomed the parliamentary inquiry’s final report, which recommended the bill now be debated by parliament.
But an alliance of GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and families called Genspect said it was dismayed the laws would be debated after the overwhelming rejection by the public in the survey.
“The public have clearly expressed their opposition to the introduction of gender self-ID and amendments that make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones without parental consent, but the government appears not to be listening,” Genspect spokeswoman Jude Hunter said.
She said the bill reached into 20 different pieces of legislation and would “seriously diminish the rights of women and girls, permits children to change their name and sex on their birth certificate without parental consent and will lead to more children with gender confusion”.

Source: ‘Choose your own gender’ bill rejected by 83pc of voters

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