Christian Porter and Alan Tudge: Their family values.

Whilst Attorney-General Christian Porter and Urban Infrastructure Minister Alan Tudge have both spent their careers publicly espousing family values, their alleged behaviour in the corridors of Canberra suggest otherwise.

As former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told journalist Louise Milligan, “Some of the most trenchant opponents of same-sex marriage, all in the name of traditional marriage, were at the same time enthusiastic practitioners of traditional adultery.”

Their actions are profoundly hypocritical.

Barrister Kathleen Foley knew Porter from the age of 16, when he coached her in debating at the University of Western Australia, She later worked as a WA state solicitor when Mr Porter was a WA Crown prosecutor.

“For all of that time I’ve known him to be someone who was, in my opinion, based on what I saw, deeply sexist and actually misogynist in his treatment of women, in the way he spoke about women,”  Foley said on Four Corners.

“I remember him commenting that he would never date a woman who weighed over 50 kilograms,” she said.

“That stood out to me. I also remember a relationship of his that ended and he commented that the woman involved was thin enough, but she didn’t have big enough tits, and the next woman that he was going to date needed to be as thin, but have bigger tits.”

Source: Christian Porter and Alan Tudge: Their family values.

One thought on “Christian Porter and Alan Tudge: Their family values.”

  1. I hate saying this(WHY I wonder?) but at age 93 I believe any thing you tell me! I was recounting to a group of ‘respectable’ males my experience as thirteen/ fourteen years old girl(Me) working as a cashier catering to 16 males back in 1939/40. I made a remark saying that on the whole they were good to me and indeed appeared to like having me there; at that they each looked at each other and said words to the effect ‘Thirteen you say?’ Yes I nodded and then each male looked knowingly and said ‘Of course they would like a thirteen years old female there!’ However, it was their expressions which disappointed, and I might say surprised me more than the words!

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