Cops go with the flow on ‘fluid gender’

Neil Paterson, assistant commissioner (intelligence & covert support) is among those sporting new pronouns (he/him/his) on his email sign-off, so that everyone knows his inner “gender identity” and trans police feel welcome.

His high-profile colleague Luke Cornelius, who defended the arrest and handcuffing of a pregnant Ballarat woman on Wednesday for allegedly inciting unlawful protest, is hailed within the force as an “LGBT” champion.

“There is no thought given to how offensive a woman might find calling a transwoman ‘she/her’,” said Harry Miller, a former British policeman and co-founder of the UK group Fair Cop, which documents trans activist capture of once impartial policing in a report due out next week.

“The manipulation of words and the destruction of commonly understood meaning is the tool of fanatics,” Mr Miller told The Weekend Australian.

“When it is enforced by the paramilitary wing of the state on behalf of an ideologically partisan group, we have a steady spiral into political capture.

“That’s why it is incumbent on all of us to resist any coerced language, regardless of accusations of unkindness.”

Victoria’s parliament recently wound up hearings into widening anti-vilification law, with the country’s main LGBT lobby, Equality Australia, arguing for a ban on “hate speech” targeted at someone’s gender identity.

Meanwhile, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Claire Chandler, whose defence of female sport against trans activism has won international plaudits as an overdue dose of commonsense, will be hauled before her state’s anti-discrimination commission.

Source: Cops go with the flow on ‘fluid gender’

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