Court Calls Parents “Dangerous” for Denying “Trans” Teen Cross-Sex Hormones | Women Are Human

AU — . The parents of a teen girl are appealing a protection order that led to their child being seized by authorities and placed in care. Last October, a magistrate declared the parents abusive and dangerous for not validating the child’s “feelings and expression of gender identity.” “[The authorities say] we will not allow her to change gender, so it’s dangerous for told her to come back to our house because we will mentally abuse her,” the father told the Australian. “They want us to consent to testosterone treatment.”
Long-term studies in Sweden and the UK have found that hormones and surgery do not reduce the rate of suicide attempts or successfully completed suicides in transgender-identifying individuals.
A 17-year-old girl in the United States was seized from her parents’ Ohio home in 2018 after they refused to call her by the masculine name she had chosen, or to allow her to start testosterone therapy to appear more male. At the time, transgender activists like Julie Rei Goldstein openly celebrated the judge’s decision, and threatened that more parents’ custody of their children would be removed by the government for refusal to allow their children to undergo medical intervention into their feelings of gender dysphoria.

Source: Court Calls Parents “Dangerous” for Denying “Trans” Teen Cross-Sex Hormones | Women Are Human

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