Custom Vaginoplasty “For Your Inner Well-Being” – Jennifer Bilek


Most people in mainstream culture, not privy to the internal workings of the trans agenda, have no real understanding of what is transpiring in the medical community advancing macabre and dangerous procedures they term “healthcare for transgender people,” or where all this “care” is leading.

When medical professionals will invert a scrotum to create a man-made vagina, while leaving you with your penis intact for the purposes of your “inner well-being,” will cut off your genitalia completely, to help you express yourself, a young man celebrates his castration with a party and a penis cake and is featured on the cover of a major pop culture magazine, and young women who’ve had their breasts removed because they believe they are men are used in corporate marketing as expressions of self-empowerment, something is very, very wrong.

The medical industrial complex itself, wedded to every inch of the capitalist marketplace are the key drivers of this madness. This should not come as a surprise. Big Pharma has driven so much madness through society from psychosis itself, along with its cure, to drug addiction, depression and childhood psychiatric conditions, all in the name of profits. It is now doing so with identity medicine, their profits carved from the flesh of our human sex.

That people are still attempting to justify this as progressive, speaks to how deeply sick western societies have become. “Transgenderism” may be the last symptom and siren being ignored by people so far removed from their land, each other and biological reality by industrial civilization, that they can no longer feel.

Source: Custom Vaginoplasty “For Your Inner Well-Being”

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