Dad with nappy fetish banned from seeing his kids

The Family Court of Australia has ruled the children of a man who has a fetish for wearing nappies could be psychologically damaged if exposed to their ­father’s lifestyle.

The mother of the children took legal action after he began openly wearing nappies in their home. Under cross-examination, the father oscillated between  denying and agreeing his behaviour was related to a fetish, but told the court “it has been a part of me all my life”. He told the court he liked to use stuffed toys while another person gives him “adult-style care”.
The pair split and the couple initially agreed to shared parenting arrangements on the condition the man kept his lifestyle hidden from the children. But the mother told the court that when the man arrived to pick up their children in 2019 she could see he was wearing a nappy that was “partially exposed”, and she took legal ­action to prevent him seeing the children.
In March 2020 the father attended an international event in the United States ­organised by “the community”, the court heard. The court also heard the ­father had “repartnered” with another woman “who engaged in similar behaviours”.
The man appealed but on April 13 the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia rejected his appeal. The woman’s lawyer Peter Katsoolis said the ruling was a landmark decision.

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3 thoughts on “Dad with nappy fetish banned from seeing his kids”

  1. OMG so relieved he is banned, these people can damage. Perpetuating fetishes by normalising

  2. LGBQTI+N…

    You are very correct about the normalisation of fetishs.
    ‘Minore Attracted Men’ are now making a noise for themselves. (MAP’s).
    And of course it is always children who are the ultimate victims as they see normality as what is in front of them.

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