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The 54th annual gathering of the World Economic Forum begins today in the small Alpine resort town of Davos. The invitation-only meeting brings nearly 2,800 leaders from 120 countries together to discuss the world’s most pressing topics, such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and virus pandemics.

After world leaders, politicians, business leaders, academics, NGOs, and religious leaders debate global problems and attempt to find ‘solutions’ to issues plaguing the world, there is an after-hours scene that is very dark, as we’ve explained previously:

What’s on the menu this year? Well, The New York Post described: “Caviar, magic mushrooms, gold-leaf desserts, A-list selfies, $2,500-per-night hookers and secret dinners.”

All local service providers are completely booked during the WEF week,” confirms owner B. Konrad. The explanation: People kept to themselves in Davos, their partners mostly stayed at home. In addition, alcohol and parties contribute to the high demand for his service, according to the co-founder.

“Apart from that, there are many customers in Davos who are not price-sensitive and who value the privacy of our app all the more,” explains Konrad. In general, it’s less about sex and more about the so-called “girlfriend experience”, i.e. the pretense of an intimate relationship.

Source: Dark Davos: Escort Services “Completely Booked” As WEF Begins | ZeroHedge

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