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  1. This video needs to be redone so that the aggression is clear and clearly one-sided, and so that the speech is clear and at a level sufficiently loud to be heard. The signs are well-displayed but say the scene where the woman says ‘you’re pushing’ is too quick to grasp entirely what is happening – it was clear to me (just) as to who was pushing and who was under attack, however, for someone not au fait with the issues, it would not be clear. The speech at the beginning of the person who was prosecuted yet said ‘only kidding’ to the court (words to this effect) are not clear or sufficiently loud to identify the words precisely. The letter is excellently written but in order to be entirely persuasive the video needs to be redone. It is worth getting this right if this approach is to be pursued. Also the background ‘music’ is distracting. I realise it is there for ‘dominant’ effect – the pulsing/pulsation – but more work needs to be done on this. As a measure of what can be done (different issue but extremely well-worth viewing for the expertise) is the NetFlix series on ‘Meghan and Harry’ … I realise that that was produced with a $$$$$$ budget which is very different from that to which women have access, but this needs to be ‘got right’.

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