Dentons Law Firm Scrubs Website of Pro Bono Work for IGLYO

The largest international law firm IN THE WORLD and a mammoth media, tax and law conglomerate are advising transgender campaigners to be stealth in what they are trying to accomplish. What campaigners are attempting to accomplish, under the veneer of “gender identity” (no such thing exists in material reality) is allowing children to legally present as the opposite sex, to procure medical treatment with no medical diagnosis. The guide states that the UK should “eliminate the minimum age requirement at which children can change their legal gender on their own volition, without the need for medical diagnoses or court determination”.

Most people think the “transgender” or “gender identity” movements are about accommodating people with a debilitating condition. What is actually emerging is an industry that creates medical identities out of sex, while simultaneously deconstructing sexual dimorphism within the law.

The dangers of this deconstruction, when instituted legally, beyond what we are already seeing happen to women’s sports, crime statistics, medical statistics, sex equity in the workplace, women’s safety in prisons and shelters, and the abomination of medical experiments on healthy children, was expressed brilliantly in a recent tweet.

Source: Dentons Law Firm Scrubs Website of Pro Bono Work for IGLYO

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