Deprogramming Your ROGD Teen: Part 3, The steps.

(This is the final part of a three-part post. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here. ) This then was the situation that I faced. I had a daughter who was in a cult and was demanding that she be allowed to permanently damage her health and irrevocably alter her appearance. And the very people who should have been protecting Sinead and trying to help her had betrayed my trust in the most appalling way possible. Clearly, there was no one coming to the rescue. We were on our own. When I realised I was dealing with a cult I was strangely relieved as finally I understood what was going on. And how to fix it.

Resources for you:

Buy Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage and Helen Joyce’s book Trans. Underline and take notes. You can use Abigail’s book for your teen as well.

You will be faced with 3 big lies about Gender Ideology. Here they are and here is how to refute them. I think that Arty Morty does a great job of explaining clearly the issues.

Trans is not the new gay

Trans kids are not like gay kids

Trans has nothing to do with Intersex or a Sex Spectrum

Trans people are not the most vulnerable people on the planet

In fact, check out all of Arty’s videos and take notes that you will need for arguments later. Transgender Trend, Genspect and Bayswater Support also have great resources.

You may also need to refute the common myth that trans brains and cis brains are somehow different. They are not, although you will struggle to find that clear answer in all the Trans activist rubbish on the internet. Here is a simple and clear analysis.

For your Teen:

I think that Stella O’Malley’s film is a good place to start the gentle questioning.

Exulansic is brilliant. She keeps getting banned on YouTube so you can also find her videos on Odysee. Her series on Jazz Jennings is entertaining and light but also check out the videos on surgeries and side effects of puberty blockers and hormones.

Isaac also does a couple of hard hitting YouTubes. The one where he rings up his therapist is just shocking. 

Skirt go Spinny are great but these two, in particular, are worth checking out

The Call is Coming From Inside The House

Gender ideology in schools

The State Media are good too. I found that pointing out that Trans is a cult really helped.

Seeing the funny side is good and there are plenty of funny things about gender. My favourite are these two songs:

In the Ladies

Don’t You Want me

I think that’s everything I have on this. I hope it helps. All that’s left for me to say is good luck to you and your daughter. There is a way through this.

Source: Deprogramming Your ROGD Teen: Part 3, The steps.

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