Did business leaders just pledge not to violate the most basic equal pay principle, & we’re happy about it?

Last week, 122 Australian business leaders publicly committed to closing the gender pay gap in like-for-like roles within their organisations. To support others to do the same, Male Champions of Change released an accompanying resource, the Closing the Gender Pay Gap Report . According to the press release, it offers a step-by-step guide to ensure “equal pay for equal work”.

The Diversity Council’s “sex discrimination” category, however, accounts for lots of different kinds of sex discrimination, including pregnancy, passing over women for promotions or not interviewing them for top jobs in the first place — not just like-for-like pay differences.

It’s a myth peddlars would much prefer it if we didn’t broaden the debate and tackle all those other thorny issues, like the undervaluing of women’s work, or the fact that women shoulder the lion’s share of caring responsibilities. You know, the kinds of things that legal precedent can’t necessarily tackle, but where culture and structural change is needed.


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