Domestic violence: Plan to end violence against women within a generation

Sweeping government programs to end the “epidemic” of violence against women and their children in Australia, where one woman is killed every 10 days by a current or former partner, will have their effectiveness measured for the first time.

The new 10-year plan to end violence against women and children “within one generation” acknowledges the previous national plan, which ran from 2010 to 2022, failed to reduce the prevalence of violence against women, nor make a dent in sexual assault statistics.

The new National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032, which advocates say has been strengthened significantly since its January draft, includes provisions to track and monitor the prevalence of family, domestic and sexual violence to gauge its effectiveness.

A stand-alone plan to address violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, for which advocates argued strongly in the 2021 Women’s Safety Summit, has also been included.

All states and territories have signed off on the plan, to be launched by the Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth, on Monday.

Source: Domestic violence: Plan to end violence against women within a generation

2 thoughts on “Domestic violence: Plan to end violence against women within a generation”

  1. I hope that this plan will look at a review of the whole legal system’s treatment of victims; including police responses and (non responses), ongoing and thorough training for all magistrates, judges, public prosecutors and police on domestic violence and sexual assault including strangulation training. When I worked as a sexual assault worker in the 1990’s my role included attendance at regional Police Command meetings, and I carried out police training in my area in conjunction with workers from the local women’s refuge on domestic violence. However primarily police training should be at the Police Academy. It is a reality that the legal system as it stands, is victims blaming ie where she is judged by what she wore and what she drank. Additionally it should be acknowledged that the spiking of drinks with chemical substances such as rohypnol is more common than uncommon.

    1. The recent Commission of inquiry into Qld police responses into domestic violence should be considered if the new National Plan is to achieve anything- trained specialist domestic violence workers should be embedded in every police station so that women approaching need not fear, as they currently must, that their concerns will not be mocked, trivialised, disbelieved , with further trauma resulting from their encounter with law enforcement.Taree refuge and Taree police formed a partnership against domestic violence 20 years ago.It was evaluated by the University of Western Sydney and the Domestic Violence Clearing House as an outstanding success yet it was tendered out and allowed to perish.With the will to change Police culture, these partnerships would, if implemented, greatly heighten the 10 year plan’s chances of success!

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