Don’t let equal pay slide down your list of priorities!

It’s countdown to Equal Pay Day, which falls on September 4th this year. Equal Pay Day marks the additional time from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men.

Two weeks ago, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reported that the gender pay gap is ever so slightly down this year by .9%. It now sits at 15.3%. A full time working man is $251.20 better off per week than a woman. Earlier this year, the WGEA suggested that at the current rate of change, it would take 50 years of more to sort it.

. . . why not get rid of ‘pay gag clauses’ so employees can freely talk about their salaries without fear of punishment. Last year, Greens Senator Larissa Waters introduced a private members bill to do just that, claiming employers were using the practice to mask unfair pay decisions and punishing women who ask for pay equity.

I would also suggest you lend your support to United Voice Union, who are bringing a potentially precedent setting case to the Fair Work Commission on behalf of underpaid child care workers. They want to demonstrate that early childhood educators are underpaid compared to male dominated professions with similar qualifications. -list-priorities-succumb-fatigu/

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