2 thoughts on “Dr Helen Waite – Lesbians – In and Out of the Bedroom – YouTube”

  1. Great – clear explanation of why we’re supporting our women’s sex-based human rights. I hope this gets good coverage.

    1. What a relief it is to hear that I am not a lone voice – even if I have been silenced (and consigned to the wilderness) by the trans-terrorists. This morning I sent a letter to the local newspapers (name and address withheld) in response to WA’s newly elected Perth Lord Mayor having been forced to back down from his comment that men have penises and women have vaginas (he hasn’t seen this presentation, or he would have said clitoris). His comments were loudly decried as “repugnant, bigoted and hateful”; a petition was set up and quickly garnered more than a thousand votes, and a rally is planned to be held outside Council House – with calls for the state government to ‘sack him’. Their venom is utterly scary!

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