Egyptian woman jailed after posting video complaining about sexual harassment

Eric Tlozek for ABC News reports:

Actor and activist Amal Fathy has been sentenced to two years in prison in Egypt after speaking out against sexual harassment in a video she posted on Facebook.
She is the second woman in a year to be jailed for publicly criticising the treatment of women in the country.
On top of being fined for making “public insults”, Fathy was sentenced to two years in jail for “spreading false news” and “possessing indecent material” after she posted a video on Facebook detailing how she was sexually harassed while going to the bank.
Mr Baoumi said Fathy was one of many people being targeted as part of a general crackdown on dissent in Egypt.
Fathy’s husband is a human rights lawyer and the director of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, a human rights organisation.

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