Equality is a ‘profoundly conservative goal’ for women, Germaine Greer says

The feminist and author Germaine Greer has said that aiming for equality is a “profoundly conservative goal” for women, speaking at the launch of her comprehensive archive at the University of Melbourne on Wednesday night.

“What everybody has accepted is the idea of equality feminism,” Greer told an audience of about 500 people at the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre for the International Women’s Day event.

“It will change nothing. War is made against civilian populations where women and children are the principal casualties in places like Syria . . .

“War is now completely made by the rich with their extraordinary killing machines, killing the poor who have no comeback. Women are drawing level with men in this profoundly destructive world that we live in and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the wrong way. We’re getting nowhere.

“If what happens when women discover when they join the army is they discover it’s no place for a sane human being then they’ve learned something,” Greer said. “But right now, things are looking distinctly grim.”


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