Evie Amati found guilty over 7-Eleven axe attack

EVIE Amati, the transgender woman who attacked overnight customers in a suburban 7-Eleven with an axe has been found guilty of wounding with intent to murder in a unanimous verdict by a jury.
She had pleaded not guilty saying she was suffering mental illness while committing the attacks.
But a jury did not believe her and found her guilty on two charges of wounding with intent to murder and wounding with intent to murder against two store customers and attempting to wound a pedestrian with intent to murder him.
Ms Amati’s barrister Charles Waterstreet told the trial on its first day that Ms Amati was on a cocktail of drugs and had “lost her mind”.
But Crown prosector Daniel McMahon told the trial that Amati had lashed out with an axe after becoming angry because of a romantic rejection because she was transgender on the night of the incident.
Amati denied she was angry, saying she had “experienced rejection countless times before”.

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