Explosive allegations against male prison guards contained in lawsuit | CBC News

Four former and current female guards at the Edmonton Institution are filing a $43.4-million lawsuit against Correctional Service of Canada and the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers for sexual assault and other transgressions.
In the 45-page court document, male prison guards accused of “outrageous” conduct are referred to as John Doe #1 through #6. It suggests the prison “is a workplace rife with discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse of authority and sexual assault.”
“For nearly ten years, Jessica was sexually harassed daily,” according to the statement of claim. “Mr Doe #1 made a habit of stirring her and other female officers’ unattended drinks with his penis and not telling them until after they had drunk from it, then laughing.
“Mr. Doe #1 would often pull his genitalia out of his pants and parade himself around the office, causing Jessica to run out of the room. He would chase after her with his penis in his hand,” the document adds.
John Doe #1 and John Doe #6 are accused of committing the following assaults:

  • “Waterboarding her and laughing about it”.
  • Putting her in choke holds, throwing her against the wall and choking her.
  • Grabbing her by the hair and slamming her face into hard surfaces.
  • Handcuffing her to chairs.

The four plaintiffs detail repeated failed attempts to get help or protection from management or the union, alleging some of the biggest abusers “all had prominent positions in the union and for the most part still do.”

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