Extreme trans activists are “dangerous” – YouTube


, Cate McGregor – former Australian Defence Force Group Captain, now Army Reservist, “I am a transsexual, I do not claim to be a woman which makes me a heretic straight away…I am an old school transsexual like Carlotta” Following from Cricket Australia’s release of the their transgender sport policy Cate said ‘transsexual and transgender people should not play at elite level in sport’. Cate said if transsexual people meet certain criteria at a community level that is OK. Cate was part of the AHRC and Cricket Aust process on trans inclusion in sport and “resigned in protest and walked away.” At a national cricket meeting Cate attended “people were so intimidated by identity politics I was the only person in the room who was able to voice any objections..”. Cate has been dropped as the ABCs poster ‘girl’. “I am very happy to be at war with the trans movement. I think they are dangerous and some of the ideology they are purporting is sinister and frankly at odds with a lot of what trans people think. This cabal mainly based out of Victoria does not represent most trans people.” They speak for no-one but themselves.” I don’t believe children are eligible for surgery…..I opposed the safe schools program when it came out…”

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  1. Thank you.

    The Naked Emperor and his handmaids/MRAs in drag are dangerous and entitled. No woman has a penis.

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