Female pushback over trans sport rules

“Women have fought for decades to have access to similar resources (as male sport), similar media coverage, pay parity in professional sports — and now that we are actually starting to gain some ground, that’s all being put at risk,” said Katherine Deves, the Sydney-based spokeswoman for a new group Save Women’s Sport Australasia.
Last week, the activist lobby Pride in Sport announced eight sports — including AFL, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis and touch football — had adopted trans-inclusion policies inspired by a contentious 2019 guideline from federal government agencies Sport Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission.
Pride in Sport, a fee-earning arm of ACON which operates as a national trans activist lobby and “inclusive” training provider, said 14 other sports had promised to come up with similar policies.
Ms Deves said ACON and its partner sports had not given due weight to research concluding that trans competitors who have been through male puberty retain almost all their advantage in lean body mass, muscle area and strength, even if they take drugs to suppress their testosterone in line with 2015 IOC rules.

Source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/female-pushback-over-trans-sport-rules/news-story/12f99017aee7b8155e6b9224fb2ec45a

3 thoughts on “Female pushback over trans sport rules”

  1. Thanks Katherine,

    Women’s sex-based rights have been hard won.

    If we lose the definition of ‘Woman’ we lose everything.

    If we deny the reality of ‘Sex’, we deny women’s sex-based oppression.

    Only biological sex-based (immutable) ‘Women’ should compete against women on a fair & level playing field

    Women & children are at risk of the colonising & erasing of our bodies, agency & autonomy – with intrusion into every social and personal space we have fought for.
    (attributed to Heather Brunskell-Evans)

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    At last, there is someone to protect woman in sport!
    We are very grateful for your work dear Katherine!

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