Femicidal, Repeat Sex Attacker Now Identifies As Transgender, Comes Up for Parole – Women Are Human

CA — Princeton, British Columbia. A 73-year-old whose history of preying on women dates from 1966 to a murder committed 10 years ago while under court-ordered supervision for abduction, sexual violence and strangulation, recently came up for parole. Roger Dale Badour has been in prison since 2011, when he was arrested on an outstanding nationwide-warrant amidst Royal Canadian Mounted Police alerts to the public that a high-risk offender who posed a particular threat to women was on the loose. At the time the warrant was issued, Mr Badour was the subject of a long term supervision order due to previous sex crimes. His most recent conviction was for a 2008 incident in which he forcibly confined a pregnant woman and fellow Penticton rooming house boarder over a six-hour period, during which he sexually assaulted her with a weapon, strangled and threatened to kill her.
Although the parole board noted that Mr Badour had behavioral issues during incarceration, he was paroled to a halfway house in Victoria and given orders to abstain from friendships with women.
Defying the order, Mr Badour skipped town without notice. Again posing as a minister, he met 56-year-old Gisele Duckham, a grandmother of two described by friends as a generous and trusting woman. Mr Badour moved into a trailer on her Princeton property in 2011 in exchange for labor. He initially worked as a painter and then as security for a grow operation. One night, Mr Badour and Ms Duckham had an argument. He shot her twice and wrapped the body in material before fleeing in her car.
Mr Badour had previously served a seven-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the November 1, 1999 sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in the back of his van on Munson Mountain.
While serving his latest prison stint for the murder of Ms Duckham, Mr Badour began identifying as a woman, and claimed his “new gender identification led to conflict and mistreatment” in his living unit. He was placed in a unit with other male inmates who identify as women.

Source: Femicidal, Repeat Sex Attacker Now Identifies As Transgender, Comes Up for Parole – Women Are Human

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