Fentiman backs review into controversial kids gender clinic

A review into the Queensland Children’s Gender Service, which has been at the centre of explosive allegations of harm to minors, is under way as Health Minister Shannon Fentiman declares she wants to ensure “best practice” at the busy clinic.

Calls for an investigation were dismissed by Queensland Health bosses last June when a whistleblower psychiatrist went public with alarming allegations of harmful sex hormone side-effects and inadequate mental health screening before treatment begins.
Jillian Spencer, the whistleblowing psychiatrist who has since been stood down from her job, said she had seen troubled children with complex backgrounds being considered suitable by the clinic for puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.
But Ms Fentiman told The Sunday Mail that “on reflection” the review was timely, as parents of patients at the clinic shared both confronting and positive experiences with the service.
“This is an emerging field with around 80 per cent of research on gender-affirming care only been published in the last decade,” she said.
“So, it is important we continue to review our models of care and consider any evidence that becomes available to ensure we are providing gender diverse children and young people access to the best and safest lifesaving care and support.”
Families can engage by submitting to the review process.

Source: Fentiman backs review into controversial kids gender clinic

One thought on “Fentiman backs review into controversial kids gender clinic”

  1. Shannon’s ‘review’ is a sham. It’s being headed up by a senior Qld Health bureaucrat who will not say anything his Minister Shannon Fentiman doesn’t approve. So definitely not independent. The overseeing panel of the ‘review’ is full of trans ideologues and the ‘review’ is measuring only against the Melbourne Children’s Gender Clinic. So definitely not a robust review. This flawed from the start.

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