Fighting for The Rights of Our Vulnerable Sisters In Prison – Jessica Williams

Around the world, corrective service and justice departments are implementing policies that allow biological males to “self-identify” as women in order to be considered for placement in women’s prisons. Advocates for the sex-based rights of incarcerated females are adamant that these policies are putting thousands of incarcerated women at serious risk: risk of injury, sexual assault and rape, serious bodily harm, and psychological trauma. In fact, there are already reported incidents involving biological males being housed with women in prisons and inflicting physical and/or sexual harm onto one or more of the women incarcerated with them.

Incarcerated women are extremely vulnerable; arguably the most vulnerable women on the planet. Incarcerated women show high rates of sexual and/or physical abuse and trauma previous to incarceration, high rates of Post Traumatic Stress “Disorder” (PTSD), and high rates of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and, of course, they cannot leave prison until their sentence is complete, which could be months or years long.

Further research shows the distinct differences between crimes committed by males versus crimes committed by females, and the level of violence displayed while incarcerated when comparing rates of violence between male inmates versus female inmates. Males are convicted of more violent crimes (in number and in seriousness of violence) than females are, and males are much more violent while incarcerated than females are.

What is happening to incarcerated women in the name of inclusivity is unforgivable and must be stopped.

Source: Fighting for The Rights of Our Vulnerable Sisters In Prison

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