Five facts every Australian needs to know about men at work

The Wife Drought persists.

76% of full-time working fathers in Australia have a spouse who either did not work at all in the paid workforce , or worked part-time. 15% of full-time working Australia mothers had the same deal.

The Parent Pay Gap is real.

When it comes to total income earned over 40 years, a man without children, on average, will earn $2 million. For dads, this goes up to $2.5 million. A woman without children will earn $1.9 million but for mums it falls to $1.3 million.

Stay at home dads are rare. Ridiculously rare.

Back in 1991, 4% of families in Australia had a stay at home dad. In the year 2016 that increased by a massive 1%. Just 5% of Australian families have a stay at home dad.

Part-time work is still for mums.

When it comes to part time work in families with children under 12, only 5% of dads access it compared to 44% of mums.

Dads aren’t taking paid parental leave offered by the government.

Between 2010 and 2019, 1,236,675 females received the government’s paid parental leave. In that same time period there were just 6,250 male recipients.

Source: Five facts every Australian needs to know about men at work

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