Florida School Secretly Colluded to Alter Student’s Gender Identity

he parents of a middle school student in Leon County, Florida, have filed a lawsuit against the school district for privately meeting with their daughter to discuss her gender identity without informing them. The lawsuit, submitted on October 18, contends that the school district’s gender identity policies violate the plaintiffs’ parental rights under the Florida and U.S. Constitution.

The girl’s parents contend that the actions of the school faculty have harmed their relationship with their daughter irreparably.

“The district has driven a wedge between A.G. and her parents, sending the message that her parents cannot be trusted and do not support her best interests. The rift created by the district between A.G. and her parents is profound and unlikely to be fully rectified,” the lawsuit says.

The parents are requesting an injunction to prohibit school staff from enforcing its policies or facilitating social gender transitions without parental permission while the court case is pending.

Source: Florida School Secretly Colluded to Alter Student’s Gender Identity

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