Frightening face of High Court fallout hunts elderly women

Aliyawar Yawari is a violent sex predator with a record of attacking elderly women in their own homes so chilling a judge branded him “a danger to the Australian community”.

One of his victims was bashed in the neck with a walking stick after being indecently assaulted.

But on Monday, as he embraced his sudden freedom, Yawari was the face of a federal government dilemma following a landmark High Court ruling that has released him and dozens of other criminals from long-term immigration detention.

Yawari had looked destined to be deported, but the High Court decision – overturning a 20-year precedent – has now changed that.

The Albanese government has left open the option of placing electronic ankle bracelets on more than 90 detainees being freed from immigration detention, and is considering a “legislative fix” following the High Court ruling that indefinite detention was illegal.

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