From a 'dangerous' lack of DV spending to foreign aid cuts & little for women, this budget bites

[S]pending on domestic violence focussed services, which appear to have received a tiny $18.2 million, as part of a broader $54.4 million package. That full package is still a small amount when you consider the vast range of things it aims to take on, including elder abuse and cybersafety.
Spending on foreign aid has also taken a hit, cut by $140 million in real terms, or ‘frozen’ at $4 billion a year.
But the controversial school chaplaincy program? That will receive $250 million over four years.
I’ll remind you again of that Domestic Violence figure: $18.2 million.
Still, women didn’t rate a mention in the Treasurer’s budget speech.
But then again neither did ‘climate change’ or ‘foreign aid’ or ‘domestic violence’.

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