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“Introducing The Detrans Care Initiative, by Gays Against Groomers:

Every day, medical gender transition is packaged and sold to youth as a cure-all solution to gender dysphoria, suicide ideation and mental turmoil related to self image. We are told that if those who feel they are the opposite sex do not transition, they will die. This is a manipulative lie. Every day, more and more detransitioners speak out about how this dream became their nightmare. As a result, we see them completely discarded by the LGBTQ+ community and treated as pariahs and traitors. We see them discredited and sent death threats, and we see their mental health decline as a result. We hear their suffering, and we want to help.

Many detransitioners suffer the overwhelming pain of not knowing how to heal and recover from surgical trauma and unbalanced hormones. Some are left sterilized with a heightened risk of cancer and damaged livers. Many detransitioners feel that they were used as guinea pigs and are now watching as medical professionals do the same thing to children.

During Pride 2023, 50% of donations to Gays Against Groomers will go to our Detrans Care Inititiave fund. With these funds, we will connect with detransitioners in need of financial assistance to cover medical bills related to balancing their health and finding physical peace after gender transition. We will network to help detransitioners find the best hormone specialists and doctors who care about the health of their patients more than a paycheck.

Source: Gays Against Groomers Detrans Care Initiative for Pride Month | DetransWomen | Ovarit

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