Gen Z’s trans poster-child Milo from 2016 MTV show reemerges, tearfully regretting hormone jabs | Daily Mail Online

When Milo appeared in the MTV documentary, she became a poster child for a transgender movement that was, back then, new to most Americans and not the hot-button political issue it is now.

Aged 16, she was one of six trans and non-binary young people from Los Angeles who posed for the camera and got a wardrobe and style makeover.

Milo described the ‘amazing feeling of relief that I get from thinking that never have to do anything feminine again for the rest of my life.’

Sitting beside him, Milo’s supportive mom, Kristin, described the ‘horror stories’ she had heard about trans kids committing suicide.

In hindsight, those comments from Milo and Kristin were red flags.

Today, many parents complain that doctors and therapists bully them into affirming their child’s decision to transition by suggesting that, without support, they would likely take their own lives.

Now Milo says she’s ‘ashamed’ of the documentary and ‘can’t bear to watch’ it.

Months after it was filmed, Milo had ‘top surgery,’ the surgical removal of her C-cup breasts.

Doctors gradually upped her testosterone dose. Over the years, it caused her vagina to atrophy — a common symptom of female-to-male transitioners, who experience dryness, irritation, and bleeding.

Due to the discomfort, last year, aged 21, she underwent a hysterectomy.

Her ovaries had not been removed in the hysterectomy, but one of them had twisted, ruptured and ‘died,’ she said.

Amid these mounting medical problems, Milo stopped taking testosterone this month.

She complains about mood swings, her receding hairline, deeper voice, chubby features, and hairy belly that needs regular shaving.

‘I’m a lot fatter and uglier than I used to be,’ she said.

Milo looks back and accounts for her teenage mistake.

She says she was vulnerable, autistic, shy and socially awkward — all hallmarks of adolescent girls who come out as trans.

‘I had these huge breasts,’ she said.

‘I just hated how I was seen. I didn’t like how I was looked at by boys. It made me very self-conscious.’

Source: Gen Z’s trans poster-child Milo from 2016 MTV show reemerges, tearfully regretting hormone jabs | Daily Mail Online

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