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Allison Bailey said she was deprived of work after voicing her concerns about Stonewall when her chambers adopted its Diversity Champions scheme.

The document outlined how Ms Bailey, who founded gender-critical campaign group LGB Alliance, opposed the adoption of the Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme by her employer, Garden Court Chambers, in December 2018.

According to the argument, she suggested the charity was complicit in a “campaign of harassment” against people who question “trans self-ID ideology”, a viewpoint which lawyers said caused a “strong negative reaction at the most senior level” within the chambers.

Ms Bailey is also said to claim Stonewall tried to persuade Garden Court to cut its associations with her over her support of gender-critical beliefs after two tweets in September and October 2019, which criticised the charity.

In the first, she said Stonewall had hired Morgan Page, an activist and writer who she described as “a male-bodied person who ran workshops with the sole aim of coaching heterosexual men who identify as lesbians on how they can coerce young lesbians into having sex with them”.

In the second, she thanked a Sunday Times journalist for “reporting on the appalling levels of intimidation, fear and coercion that are driving the @stonewalluk trans self-ID agenda”.

Ms Bailey is suing both Stonewall and Garden Court for discrimination, and has raised more than £495,000 to fund her legal case.

The tribunal continues.

Source: `Gender critical´ barrister claims she lost work for… | Daily Mail Online

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