Gender Critical Coming Out Day – Gender Critical Coming Out Day

19th December 2021

What is Gender Critical Coming Out Day?

Gender Critical Coming Out Day is a day to let others know you support the reality of biological sex, and that you are against an ideology that says gender identity can replace sex.

It’s a chance to find safety in numbers as we all “come out” together. You might use a different term to describe your views, eg gender atheist, or no label at all. The label isn’t the important thing, and there’s no right or wrong way to engage in the issue; we all take different approaches.

The point of a single day focusing on coming out as gender critical isn’t to get into the detail of the arguments around the issue of gender identity ideology. It’s simply to show that there are others out there who want to ask questions and be allowed to talk about the issue; to connect with people who might not realise you think the same as they do; to open the door to the issue for people who aren’t aware of it at all.

We’ll be adding more info and links as we get nearer to the day, so keep checking back here.

Why December 19th?

We’ve picked December 19th as Gender Critical Coming Out Day because this is the anniversary of the date J.K. Rowling posted the following tweet:


This tweet inspired so many other people to stand up and speak out about the issue of gender ideology and how it negatively impacts women, children, and LGB people. Lots of other tweets and actions have inspired people too, but we’ve picked this one to be symbolic of whatever tweet, speech, action, event or news story brought this issue to your attention or inspired you.

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