Gender-critical social worker ‘blacklisted’ for trans views

A social worker with 25 years experience has been told she cannot apply for more work after she questioned whether transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was the right person to model sports bras for Nike.

Mother of two Louise Chivers, 52, has been told she cannot apply for social services jobs pending an investigation after a manager at Leicestershire County Council suggested there was a risk she “might misgender someone”.

Ms Chivers, a lesbian from Northamptonshire who works in adult social care, said: “On this particular occasion, we had been discussing gender-neutral toilets and I said I wasn’t comfortable using them because statistics show women are eight times more likely to be raped in one.

“I’ve been on the gay scene since I was 18. I’ve been socially active with transgender people for decades. If people have got gender dysmorphia, I’m hugely sympathetic but I don’t believe in gender identity – I believe there are two sexes and that’s it.

“I’ve got two children and a mortgage to pay and now I’m worried I won’t be able to find another job simply because the powers that be appear to have been brainwashed on this issue.”

Source: Gender-critical social worker ‘blacklisted’ for trans views

One thought on “Gender-critical social worker ‘blacklisted’ for trans views”

  1. As a social worker with 30 years of experience I was castigated publicly by Albury-Wodonga mental health staff for daring to say a client being presented as a ‘man who was 6 months pregnant’ was obviously not a man.

    To say anything like this in Aus social work scenes today is to put your job at risk.

    I was black banned soon after and refused any more contracts after working there 2 years.

    This is normal these days.

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