”Gender dysphoria spreads like an epidemic online”

The number of cases of gender dysphoria has increased explosively in recent years, especially among young people. I am appalled at the drastic, irrevocable and unscientific treatment. This may be our country’s biggest healthcare scandal ever.

In psychiatry, it is common for epidemics to spread socially. Some other examples are eating disorders and self-harm behavior.

Through internet, the social spread has been made easier and thus has increased.

Unlike the epidemic of self-harm behavior, care providers are not exploring to find the right treatment. Instead, on a broad front, drastic treatment with high doses of sex hormones and breast and genital surgery is introduced. This despite the lack of any scientific evidence for these treatments for children, and probably not for young adults either.

Source: ”Gender dysphoria spreads like an epidemic online” – Sven Román – Medium

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