Gender ideology and child abuse apologism: the undeniable links | Julie Bindel

News recently out of the Gender Clinic at the Tavistock that the number of children put on puberty blockers has doubled over the last year to 100 is clearly a major cause for concern regarding the protection and safety of our children. Even more worrying is the evidence, emerging pro-paedophile groups are also involved in campaigning to normalise gender reassignment for children. The starkest example is that of a German sociologist and gay rights advocate, Rüdiger Lautmann, who has argued that children from the age of seven should be able to live as the opposite sex without parental knowledge or consent. He has also written a notorious book, which advocates for paedophilia to be recognised as a “sexual orientation like any other”.

And most shockingly of all, until last year, he was involved in creating a number of daycare centres for children in Berlin as part of a “queer education” project. Following a public outcry, he was kicked out of the organisation, but it seems clear that Lautmann is not the only individual that advocates for the transgendering of children who is also a paedophile apologist.

For those that think the bad old days of the Paedophile Information Exchange, the vile lobby group that infiltrated the National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970s are over, think again.

Just look at Jacob Breslow, a former trustee at Mermaids, the organisation that campaigns for access to puberty blockers for ‘gender dysphoric’ kids. Breslow resigned from his position at Mermaids and took a leave of absence from his academic post when it was discovered he was a sympathetic advocate for paedophiles.

Lautmann has been calling for an end to the age of consent since 1979. One of his close associates is Helmut Kentler, a paedophile and sexologist. He claimed that paedophiles’ “lust for children” leads them to have a strong desire to take care of them. Wanting to see whether they would make good foster parents, he ran a project that actually placed foster children with paedophiles, in order to test out his theory.

It seems that those who support ‘transitioning’ children often work hand-in-hand with those wishing to gain sexual access to children.

Anyone protesting extreme transgender ideology and paedophilia apologism is accused of being bigoted and on the extreme right.

Although Lautmann denies that he is a paedophile apologist, he was a member of the board of trustees of a Human Sexuality Working Group, which, at that time took the position that children can consent to sex with adults. The evidence speaks for itself. Protecting children from transgender ideology could well protect them from sexual abuse.

Source: Gender ideology and child abuse apologism: the undeniable links

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