Gender law repeal bid ‘highly likely’ after power shift

A bid to amend or repeal Tasmanias controversial transgender laws is highly likely following a shift in the balance of power in the states lower house.

The nation-first changes passed in April by Labor and the Greens, with support from ­Speaker Sue Hickey, allow sex-free birth certificates, gender change by affirmation, and ­extend hate speech protections to cover “gender expression”.

However, the make-up of the House of Assembly changed significantly on Thursday, with former Labor MP Madeleine Ogilvie elected on a recount to replace a retiring Labor MP, declaring she would sit as an independent.

Liberal Attorney-General Elise Archer indicated the government would welcome the chance to revisit the laws, which were passed by opposition parties and Ms Hickey against the wishes of the government.

Source: Gender law repeal bid ‘highly likely’ after power shift

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