Gender row blamed for Facebook breastfeeding page coup

The nation’s peak breastfeeding organisation has been locked out of its own social media page – with its name suddenly changing to the woke “Breastfeeding Parents Australia”.
The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) was removed as an administrator from its private Facebook group – previously known as Breastfeeding ABA — last week.
Gender activists are being blamed for the coup.
Earlier this year the association was mired in controversy over a push to get rid of the word “mother” and introduce the term “chest-feeding”, with some counsellors being sacked over the issue.
Now the association is seeking “immediate remediation” after being locked out, and losing its 11,000 Facebook members.

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2 thoughts on “Gender row blamed for Facebook breastfeeding page coup”

  1. This is inaccurate. The ABA board decided the facebook group wasn’t something they wanted to continue pouring volunteer resources into and were subsequently going to close it, but the volunteers running the group felt it was still worthwhile so renamed it.

    1. Nicole, there is nothing in Clarissa Bye’s article which contradicts your perspective on what occurred with this Facebook group. You may notice that the journalist approached Margaret Grove’s President and covered her comments and perspective at length. If you disagree with the ABA’s statement of fact that the page was stolen by a group of rebel activist counsellors you should share your opinion with the ABA.

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