Gerry Harvey bemoans the push for more women on boards

Two things in the aftermath of Catherine Brenner’s resignation from AMP were obvious and disappointing. The unabashed sexism was shocking but so too was the silence from corporate Australia in response to it.
Predictably it gave some the impetus – and free space – to unleash on the “PC agenda” of getting more women on boards.
Chris Corrigan led the charge outlining his distaste for men being overlooked in favour of less competent women, a sentiment Gerry Harvey repeated to the ABC’s chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici this weekend.
Gerry Harvey told the ABC that men he speaks with are expressing frustration at having to put women on boards just to ‘help fill the target or make the board look better’.
“In ten years the top 200 boards have gone from 8% female representation to 27.5% today,” Alberici said.
The discussion that Brenner’s resignation has triggered makes clear that this jump has not correlated necessarily with an increased level of acceptance or recognition for those women, the value they bring, nor the value of diversity itself.

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