Giving women guns wouldn’t prevent rape: it would land women in jail

Women are much more likely to be fatally hurt by a gun than saved by one. Women who live in abusive situations are considered at grave risk when a gun is in the home – no matter who owns it – and women killed by their partners are more likely to be murdered with a gun than all other weapons combined.

In addition to the overwhelming research that shows guns are more likely to kill than protect women, it’s also fairly clear what would happen if women did arm themselves against rapists and abusers. Over the last few months, we’ve seen the way women are treated when they dared to simply out the men who hurt them – does anyone really believe women shooting them would somehow go over better?

Somehow I don’t have faith that a court system that continually fails and blames rape victims would be very kind to women who kill their attackers. In fact, women who have tried to protect themselves from sexual or domestic violence haven’t been lauded as second-amendment heroes – they’ve been arrested.

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