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Google Docs will now prompt users to use gender-neutral terms in their writing.

As part of a new update, Google Docs will prompt users to make their writing more ‘inclusive’. The software will suggest they change terms like ‘mailman’ and ‘chairman’ to gender-neutral ones like ‘mail carrier’ and ‘chairperson’.

In 2018, Google purged gendered pronouns like ‘he’ and ‘she’ from Gmail’s predictive-text feature, after staff raised concerns that it might wrongly predict someone’s gender. The horror!

Now, Google wants to ensure all your documents are gender-neutral, and that you don’t use your PC to type un-PC language.

Source: Google: the new language police – spiked

One thought on “Google: the new language police – spiked”

  1. the irony is, of course, that radical feminists have been promoting gender neutral terms like mail person and chairperson for years, this is nothing new, in order to get away from the male laden terminology that has saturated society for years and make language more inclusive

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